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HR will play against NiP and EnVyUs

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After defeat in the match against Titan HellRaisers got into the inconvenient situation. Having a difficult group, now they have to win in all remained matches. To do that in the matches with NiP and EnVyUs is a hard task!

Tournament details – in the report.

February, 15, 17:00 Kiev time (18:00 MSK) –  HellRaisers vs  Ninjas in Pyjamas @bo3

First team, which will compete with HR will be Swedes, who have long been the principal opponents of our guys. ANGE1&Co half-a-year ago stopped fantastic Ninjas’ winning series on the world stage of CS:GO, overplaying them in the finals of one of the seasons in Star Series. Since then, though in different rosters, HellRaisers always made big threat to the Swedish teams. Aggressive, not always logical, but always thought-over and effective manner of HR play for a long time was a big problem for NiP. However, recently, whether HellRaisers lost the thread of understanding of the Swedish style, or NiPs found the approach, but matches against our team end with confident Scandinavian wins.

It happened at Dreamhack Winter, it happened at ASUS ROG Winter – unconditional wins of Vikings in those matches threatened the status of "a principal match". Does HellRaisers have to offer Xizt&Co nothing? Whether our guys thought up an exit plan from the appeared tendency? Game will show all that!

February, 15, 22:00 Kiev time (23:00 MSK) –  HellRaisers vs  EnVyUs @bo3

In case of loss in the previous match, this fight can already solve nothing for our guys, however if NiP somehow would be defeated by HR, the match against EnVyUs will be approached with additional good adjustment to fight for the desired place in the top-2, because lan-finals will be very close to our guys – just a distance of one bo3. 

EnVyUs, known earlier as LDLC, now in good gaming shape. They excellently play on many lan-tournaments, they became winners of Dreamhack Winter, MLG Aspen, got in the three of the strongest at Pantamera Challenge and FPL Challenge; also in matches of Star Series they show confident and qualitative game. They managed to earn their first victory, having overcome compatriots from Titan on two maps. The strong point of this five – going wild individual style of each player. These guys do not use fantastc tactics, but most effectively play on every piece of the map and that allows them to overcome any defense using standard strategies.

If HellRaisers will not be able to get into the top-2, we will have to fight in the play-offs for the last two quotas for lan-finals. However, it is still too early to think about it, because there is a chance to get to the native tournament directly. They will do their best, therefore it is no doubt, that both matches against top-teams will go in tense struggle. For us it remains only to cheer for our guys.

Do not miss the match: Sunday, February, 15 17:00 Kiev time (18:00 Moscow time) – two the most important matches of HellRaisers within SLTV StarSeries 12. More details – in our report.