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Titan overplayed HellRaisers at SLTV 12

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Game against KennyS&Co, though was a priority in the schedule of second group stage for our guys, but was really important. Titan lost to EnVyUs, therefore their defeat from HellRaisers would destroy all hopes for lan-finals’ qualifiers. Details of the tournament – in our report.

HellRaisers approached this match not in their best conditions. Only Dosia and AdreN managed to come to Kiev (ANGE1 was there already), therefore this match cannot be called as a match “directly from the bootcamp”. But, anyway, HR imposed a serious struggle and had a good chance of winning, but the number of unforced mistakes and small fails exceeded admissible norm.

 HellRaisers [1:2]  Titan @bo3

map1: 16:5 @inferno
map2: 11:16 @dust2
map3: 11:16 @nuke 

To everyone's surprise, HellRaisers not only didn't erase de_inferno in the game against Titans, but took it as their first pick. Whether ANGE1&Co intended to seriously train their game here, or they feel confident in this match — it is still a mystery.

First four rounds, which ended with victory of the French guys, have questioned the logic of such a choice. The hypothesis that de_inferno is still unstable map for our guys, says that defensive play of HellRaisers does not go well here. But later, round after the round went to asset of HellRaisers. Winning clutch rounds, one after another, our guys managed to end the half with score of 11:4 to their favor. The won pistol round of the second half and competent actions during the second round (where Ex6TenZ&Co made their ourchases) — one map in a pocket — 16:5.

De_dust2 marked for our guys with plenty of lost rounds in the situation of having advantage in number over the opponent. In the decisive moment, there was not enough of high-quality communication, operative or pre-arranged plan to hold the captured points. Especially this problem felt for attacking side: occupying plant and setting the bomb, HRs confused and lost rounds. Titan are able to use such mistakes, therefore they fairly won their pick — 16:11.

On the decisive map, as it should be, everything turned to a real struggle. Neither team was able to make a series of won rounds, during the game there was a desperate struggle for the economy. The decisive round was at score 11:13 in favor of Titan, when Maniac was left in the situation 1vs2 6 seconds till the end of the round and he managed not only to put a bomb, but also to kill both opponents. In 26th round our guys forced to make a strong-willed purchase, which not justified itself. As a result at match-points, French guys came with total financial advantage. The victory couldn't be lost in such situation.

Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow, captain of the team, after the match answered several questions:

What the changes you made at 0:4 score on the first map? Because just after that started a series of won rounds…

 ANGE1: We had no time to do anything, therefore we did not make any changes. We just played our game, which we make better with every played map/trainings.

What are the exact difficulties in communications that team experienced?

 ANGE1: A large number of mistakes in information is allowed because of insufficient understanding by players of their roles and also the role of a teammate. We can add to all of that a traditional CIS-emotionality and on the out we receive a lot of non-productive information.

What have you lacked to win in this match?

 ANGE1: First of all we lost because of bad game in clutch situations. It is impossible in equal game to lose 3-4 rounds 2v2, 2v1, 3v3 and to win anyway. Every moment will be separately analyzed and all conclusions will be made. These are not empty words, we will continue working and will try to fix every mistake that took place in the game. I would like to thank those, who support us – you support our self-confidence. And, certainly, thanks all, who criticizes us: you force us to prove the opposite!

Thus, HellRaisers remain with zero in the “points” column after the first round of the matches in group A. In order to get into the lan-finals, it is necessary on Sunday, February, 15 to overplay Ninjas in Pyjamas and EnVyUs. It is pretty difficult task, because guys have not so much time to analyze all mistakes and to show results of their work on Sunday.

More details on event you can find in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!