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WePlay – opponent of HR.WoT in the seventh round of WGL

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Tanks battles within "Golden Series" of Wargaming.net League don't cease. 12 teams will continue the fight for slots on lan-finals, worldwide recognition and own progress. For now with this task successfully copes HellRaisers team, which celebrated six victories in six matches within the League. Report – by this link.

Four battles left up to the end of the season, and their importance cannot be overestimated. On "Black Friday" WePlay will oppose our team. And for whom this Friday becomes “Black” – we will find out at 19:00.

 Last matches of WePlay:  Last matches of HellRaisers:
 vs  NSS Team – 1:5  vs  WP.SC6 – 5:4
 vs  RoX.KiS – 5:4  vs  _EVG_ – 5:3
 vs  4ПЗ – 3:5  vs  WP.TYL – 5:2
 vs  Arcade – 2:5  vs  RoX.KiS – 5:1
 vs  Natus Vincere – 1:5  vs  Shadows – 5:0
 vs  _EVG_ – 3:5  vs  NSS Team – 5:3


February, 13, 19:00 (Kiev) –  HellRaisers vs  WePlay

In this match, HellRaisers look as obvious favorites. If HR affairs are going pretty well, the Belarusian team shows not the best their play. Experts explain that with fact that WP still not fully got used to the new matches’ format. Their style of play, being earlier tied on courageous decisions, does not work with a new format, team is still in search of its own game. This search took much time, series of defeats brought lan-finalists of the second season to the lower part of the ranking grid; matches against direct competitors were lost and actual issue for now is how to preserve their residence in the elite league.

For WePlay game with HellRaisers is a good opportunity to remind themselves and fans that they are still in business, that they are capable to show high level play, as it was before. For HellRaisers this game is kind of regular one, only the victory would satisfy our guys. Gaining a nice momentum and winning in the important match against NSS Team, HR ascended to the highest line of the table. Hardly Luciquell&Co will be agree to say good bye to their place under the sun in the match against a team occupying a penultimate place in the league.

Main issue of this match: Whether an experienced, but being in a bad gaming shape team WePlay  be a serious barrier for HellRaisers on their way to the seventh victory in a row? Previous matches between these teams, though with a little different rosters, ended with confident wins of our guys, therefore WePlay ought to show an ingenuity in order to gain points in this match.

Do not miss it! Friday, February, 13, 19:00 Kiev time (20:00 MSK) HellRaisers will fight against WePlay within the seventh round of Wargaming.net League Golden Series. More details – in our report.