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HellRaisers say goodbye to FPL Challenge

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On FPL Challenge will be played a row of interesting matches. Four teams received invitations for this tournament, their matches will be very principal. HellRaisers will have an opportunity to play against EnVyUs, LGB eSports and fnatic in two-day competition. Quartet members are placed in the Double Elimination bracket. Audience will see four bo3 and two bo1-matches with participation of the strongest teams of the planet. 


Prize fund

1 place – $5,000
2 place – $1,200


Time mentioned is Kiev time (+1 for Moscow)

 4:16 @inferno   EnVyUs [0]        
  EnVyUs  23:25 @overpass
 19:22 @cache
    fnatic [2]    
  LGB  16:7 @inferno
 16:14 @cache
 11:16 @dust2   fnatic [2]  
  fnatic       fnatic
      EnVyUs [2]    
  LGB [2]    16:1 @d2 16:12 @cache   EnVyUs [0]  
 16:8 @inf 16:9 @mir   LGB [0]      
  HellRaisers [0]          


This tournament, organized by the legend of Swedish tennis Björn Borg will be a hardball test for HellRaisers. After retiring from the big sport, lord of the ball and racket plunged into a new business, having been engaged in promotion of its own brand of clothing. One of the stages of the advertising campaign became creating of the game – First Person Lover, where will be actively represented products of Borg’s company. This tournament on CS:GO, which we will see soon, was organized in order to draw attention to the game.

HellRaisers, who quite recently changed the roster and are still far from optimal condition, will play against three teams, which managed not only to get a good level of individual readiness, but also to participate in a row of lan-tournaments. EnVyUs, opponents of HellRaisers in the first round of upper bracket, in this new year won their first trophy, becoming a winner of American tournament MLG X-Games Aspen 2015. Back then, in January, NBK&Co demonstrated a good level of play and became champions deservedly.

The other day all had an opportunity to watch performance of those guys at Swedish lan-event –  Pantamera Challenge. Though in Stockholm everything went not so well (they took third place, conceding fnatic in the final of the lower bracket!). No any recession could be observed here: they concedes to fnatic in a very tense game and looked cool.

Of course, especially ex-LDLC are favorites of the match against our guys, but we do not have to forget, that match will go only on one map and it means that element of chance can play a major role. Several successful rounds, control of enemy economy and match can go by unpredictable scenario. Besides, EnVyUs very often perform at different tournaments lately, therefore in free access there is a bunch of gameplay demos, which can be analyzed in order to make conclusions, opening a way to victory.

Teams rosters

 HellRaisers: AdreN, ANGE1, kUcheR, flamie, Dosia
 EnVyUS: NBK, SmithZz, Happy, KioshiMa, shox
 LGB eSports: zEVES, rain, RUBINO, jkaem, Polly
 fnatic: flusha, JW, pronax, olofm, KRiMZ