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HellRaisers vs NSS – battle preview

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Tanking season continues to gain momentum, together with that grows results and game quality of HellRaisers. It is really seen from winning series of our guys, every victory is more confident. Before this moment, HR had as opponents some teams-beginners of elite division. But here come games against serious opponents, first of them – NSS team.

To know more about the current state of affairs in rankings, follow our report.

 Last matches of NSS Team:  Last matches of HellRaisers:
 vs  WePlay – 5:1  vs  WP.SC6 – 5:4
 vs  Shadows – 5:1  vs  _EVG_ – 5:3
 vs  Vega – 5:3  vs  WP.TYL – 5:2
 vs  4GP – 5:3  vs  RoX.KiS – 5:1
 vs  _EVG_ – 5:1  vs  Shadows – 5:0


After five rounds of the tournament, only three teams have so many wins in their asset. Neither Not So Serious nor HellRaisers still felt a bitterness of defeat. First are at the first line in the ranking grid only because they overcame all their opponents without overtimes. Following results of this battle somebody will have to reconcile with one point in the ‘defeats’ column.

NSS Team – one of the main sensations of the Golden League third season beginning. This team, which has a permit to play in this division only because of M1ND disintegration, demonstrate fantastic indicators in all their matches. Generally, this squad is considered as one of perspective ones and did not feel a real resistance in lower divisions. Here, among, the strongest teams of RU-sector, they fell like fish in water.

Will HellRaisers, who are current champions of the league, be able to stop a winning march of the impudent novice? Will experience and achievements of our guys play their main role for now? It does not matter how statistics of NSS looks, they might have a lack of experience of playing against such titled opponent. HellRaisers, who are certainly related to this category of teams, will not approach this match carelessly. Anyway, but in the personal fight will participate teams that occupy highest places in the current ranking grid and victory would allow one of the teams to “dump the tail”. Considering the fact that, there are 2-3 teams behind, who have some good chances to catch up and get ahead of the leader – no one want to lose points here.

Match of the week may become match of the month or match of the whole tournament! HellRaisers vs NSS Team – do not miss the battle of current champions against dark horses of Wargaming.net Golden League: Saturday, February, 7, 19:30 Kiev time (18:30 CET). Tournament details – in our report.