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HellRaisers finished their performance at DAC2015

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Dota 2 Asia Championship came to its end at least for our team. Winning 9 times in 15 matches of the group stage, our guys broke through into the upper bracket. There they were overplayed by Vici Gaming – 0:2. In today’s battle in the losers bracket Philippian team Rave, which was overplayed by “lions” in the group, were stronger than HellRaisers.

This defeat fixed for HellRaisers 9-12 place in the final list of tournament participants and, certainly, guaranteed ~$43,000 of the prize fund. Surely everybody is upset due to such turn of events, however bitter experience is one of the main components of future success. We do not lay down our arms and will continue training to progress further with every our tournament, in order to please our fans with good results.

Here is message to you, our fans, from players and manager from China:

" Sorry, we could not meet your and our expectations, dear fans. It is hard to say something meaningful, it is necessary to chill out and analyze everything. It is a pity that we lost as we did, but life does not end on this. All the anger for this failure will be transformed into the productive workout.

Thanks for your support!"

DAC 2015 will continue without our guys, however all needed information you can still receive in our report. Thank you, our fans, for your support, your activity and emotions that we experienced together!

Cheer for HellRaisers!