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Vici Gaming – opponent of HellRaisers in playoffs of DAC2015

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Three days of a break between battles in Shanghai are quickly gone. Only 12 of 16 teams, which participated in DAC group stage got into the play-offs. Fortunately, HellRaisers were capable to get into the top-8 and that gave our guys a wonderful bonus – upper bracket. To see it in detail you can in our report.

However, we need to be ready to resist the strongest! Vici and other potentially future opponents in the winners’ bracket – incredibly powerful collectives, which perfectly proved to be at the first stage of tournament and obviously intend to reach the highest steps of a championship’s pedestal. Beginning first matches of play-off, all the games will be played on the stage and that will add a very important component as fan support.

According to tradition, we are presenting an answer to the most interesting question from previous preview. Valentin "valentiNich" Kravchenko, the manager of Dota2-roster answers the question.

 KasYa: What do you think, what exactly your team has a lack of and how to fix that?

 valentiNich: As it is in any collective, our difficulty is human nature. It is, rather, difference of characters, each of them need personal approach. After all, each is known in trouble, right? In critical situation, when time for making a decision is minimal. World-level Dota is a game, where all details are important, every said in time word or proposed ideat can play a major role. When comes an experience, all that has to happen automatically, but Dread, Gorec, Afoninje, Goddam and Artes – are young, though very talented people, who will need to learn many things. First, to grow up as a team, learning how to approach any affair, which they are responsible of, with their full strength, self-irony and sensitivity to criticism. So, I wish them to remain humble people, rushing to their cherished dreams.

05.02, 13:00 CET –  HellRaisers vs  Vici Gaming @bo3

 Vici Gaming: Black, Super, iceiceice, fy, Fenrir

The most inconvenient opponent of all possible will appear on the way of HellRaisers on the nearest Thursday. Game between these two team within the group stage was accompanied with serious technical issues and due to that the pleasure of watching the game was spoiled. Teams also have hard times playing, when they meet some problems, not depending on themselves. As a result, our guys very quickly (just a bit more than 20 minutes) allowed to destroy their own base, not showing any potential. Who know – may be it is for the better?



In that match Vici made the basis for their victory in first 15 minutes, trying to win duels 1vs1 or searching for alone ‘lions’ over the map. Non-fatal advantage in 3-4 thousands in gold and experience became a key in this game. Chinese team managed to use it, it what it is their merit. They tried to increase the advantage in cost of farming, they made a courageous decision to use the obtained advantage right away. Surely, they put themselves at big risk, because any lost fight might turn over team’s economy, but their plan succeeded – they could knock our guys out quickly.

Due to the fact, that the inscription "gg" we saw in the third ten minutes of game, VG did not evaluate the play of ‘lions’ in full. These Chinese had no time to feel the pleasure to play against Dread&Co at the later part of the game, they did not give a chance to our guys to hool up to that game. On the one hand, it proves their advantage, and on the other – it may be used by our guys. Correctly done work over the mistakes, another pick or some tactical idea – and game will go by a different scenario. Vici may underestimate their opponent after such an easy win in the group stage, therefore from the point of view of bringing surprises they are vulnerable target.

But on the side of Vici in this game will be experience, including bigger games and stages. Moreover, their support in Shanghai will be more than at full on their side, therefore HR will be lucky if game would be transferred into the hotel. Such scenario is possible in case if another matches of the upper bracket will take long and our guys would not get to their computers before the stadium closes. However, it is not worthy to count on that and we have to prepare for the worst. There is a very complicated goal set before our guys and the management – to abstract from everything happening around and to show the best play we can.



The opponent will not forgive any mistake, it is huge and incredibly strong. However, there are no teams, that can not be beaten and many, including HellRaisers, proved that many times. All, what we can do, sitting home and watching our team playing through the Internet, is to write a motivating comment on the website, in our groups in the social networks, to draw a mem etc. Warmth from fans transfers to players, despite the great distances and helps during official matches.

Want to ask a player or manager of our team? Do it in your comments to this news on our website! At the end of every gaming day "lions" will answer the best questions and we will immediately publish them on the pages of hellraisers.pro!

Do not miss the first round of the winners’ bracket of Dota 2 Asia Championship – HellRaisers vs Vici Gaming: Tursday, 5February, 5, 14:00 Kiev time (15:00 MSK)! More details on tournament read in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!