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HR.WoT will fight against Shadows

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12 strongest teams of ru-segment are still in struggle for more than $100.000 within Golden League of Wargaming! HellRaisers now are among the leaders and have an excellent chance to protect their title of last season champions. More details – in our report.

 Last matches of Shadows:  Last matches of HellRaisers:
 vs  4GP – 5:3  vs  WP.SC6 – 5:4
 vs  WP.SC6 – 1:5  vs  _EVG_ – 5:3
 vs  NSS Team – 1:5  vs  WP.TYL – 5:2
 vs  Arcade – 4:5  vs  RoX.KiS – 5:1


The previous four duels came to the end for our guys with victories, and only once in overtime. During the tournament our guys progress: commit less mistakes, actions add in coordination and scores become disastrous. The last ones, who suffered from the hands of Luciquell&Co were the Ukrainians from RoX.KiS: from a dry defeat they were rescued by single won battle on the second map of confrontation.

Tomorrow for HellRaisers will be Shadow team as an opponent. They joined the elite division from Silver Series and they still are in search of themselves. Their roster mixed of elder and young teammates. Probably this is the reason why Shadows play so not stable, or more precisely saying – differently. One fight these guys manage to play at the level of strongest teams of the world, but next two matches they play not showing anything. The only victory Shadows achieved in the match of the first round against 4GP, incredibly playing on Cliff. 

Explosive nature of offensive as well as defensive actions of Shadows sets them apart from the other teams. Especially bright look have their homemade aggressive actions in defense, which not always bring them win in the battle, but considerably increase their chances for success over not experienced teams, which are easy to get them unaware or to force them panic. Though the new roster of HellRaisers not up to the end regaining the shape, they are not have to be surprised with such tactics of Shadows. HellRaisers are favorites in this match and nothing has to prevent our guys from confirming that status.  

Will Shadows manage to surprise HellRaisers with something? Whether our guys will be able to break Shadows like a tough nut? Watch live, February, 5, at 22:00 Kiev time! More details – in our report.

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