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The last round of the group stage at DAC 2015 is coming

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Today our guys will play only two matches, the significance of which almost more than all previous ones.

Dota 2 Asia Championship in the heat, yesterday we learned the names of the first teams which say goodbye to the tournament. For HellRaisers not everything is still clear enough: participating in the playoffs is already guaranteed, however on Monday will be decided whether ‘lions’ capable to stay in the eight of the strongest and to continue tournament through the upper bracket.

Matches of the February 1 gave Dread&Co a small stock of points: five teams are behind of us, but they have theoretical chances to get ahead of HellRaisers by results of all matches. In order to preserve a place in the top-8, one victory in two last matches will be enough for our guys, however for personal peace of mind and the highest possible crop it is worth to try winning in both matches.

Ranking grid, teams’ line-ups, streams etc.- in our report.

As usual, we have chosen the most interesting questions from the previous preview and asked them to players of the team.  This time you will hear answers from Andrew "Dread" Golubev.

  Kappa.tv: Question to all the team. What do you think, why many young teams cannot organize a good teamwork and play on normal level? How to fix it?

  Dread: Youth often lacks perseverance, peace and mutual understanding, wants all at once, wants to kick teammates just after defeats. But it is impossible to get rid of the failures by making one person guilty for all of them. In such situations, most often, problems do not disappear. It is important to find failures in yourself and to correct them quickly.

  Kadzicu: Question to Dread. Now you play as a support. In one of the interviews Bёrning said that you played there as carry back in 2010? Would you like to change the role, to stand on hard, for instance? What are you planning to do after tournament is over? Will you get rest and stream with your company or you going to play hard to increase your pool of heroes?

  Dread: Fairly, I do not remember which role I have played back in 2010. Just remember playing on Invoker. On some ‘core hero’ have had nice time playing. In professional Dota I am satisfied with role of the support, but if to play for fun I would rather play another one. We play for fun sometimes on official matches too, but only on those, which are not of much importance. I would prefer to play with some Moon! After the tournament, I will get rest and will stream, but surely with reasonable limits. We are going to have some hard trainings ahead!

Midst of the ranking grid of DAC2015 before the last gaming day
(all teams will play 15 matches each)

Monday, February, 2

02.02, 6:30 СЕТ – HellRaisers vs Rave @bo1
02.02, 12:30 СЕТ – HellRaisers vs TongFU @bo1

 HellRaisers vs  Rave

 Rave: Jeyo, Ryoyr, Cast, Chrissy, ninjaboogie

Remained matches: vs Hellraisers, vs EHOME

The Philippine team shows an interesting play throughout the tournament. Even to strongest teams these guys impose a serious struggle. It is hard to imagine how much they try to put in final games, because on this result depends their future in this tournament. Islanders are balancing between the top-8 and the leaving of tournament, therefore two unlucky matches in the last day – and they may go to pack their bags! However, problems with motivation should not occur at HellRaisers, therefore win the one, who can send emotions in the right directions.

 HellRaisers vs vs  TongFu

 TongFu: qian, uuu9, XinQ, Ipc, Kabu

Remained matches: vs HellRaisers, vs Natus Vincere

The more catastrophic situation has TongFu. In anticipation of the matches against two teams from the former Soviet Union, Chinese guys are out of the next stage and the only way they can succees is only by winning in two upcoming matches. In case if "Born to Win" would manage to overcome TongFu, it is quite possible that to the game against ‘lions’ these guys will approach with almost no chances, but anything can happen. Na`Vi do not shine with their stability on tournament, therefore we can expect, that tension will remain until the 15th match of the group stage against HellRaisers. Whatever will be the situation, we do not have to forget that it is preferably to get in the final ranking grid to the highest possible line, avoiding playing in quarterfinals against someone like Secret, who by the way marching through the tournament still without defeats.

Want to ask a player or manager of our team? Do it in your comments to this news on our website! At the end of every gaming day "lions" will answer the best questions and we will immediately publish them on the pages of hellraisers.pro!

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Cheer for HellRaisers!