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«Day-X» for HellRaisers at DAC2015

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Meanwhile, outside the window February came in! We continue to follow the one of the biggest tournaments in the history of eSports – DAC 2015. HellRaisers start their fourth gaming day at the seventh line of the ranking grid. There are games against main competitors on upper bracket ahead. To find out the information about current state of affairs in our report.

Yesterday we offered to ask your questions to players of our team. The most interesting one, by tradition, will be answered!

 MI.BY.BACH: Afoninje, tell us please, as you are the youngest team member, do you feel any pressure from your team or usually such situations end at the level of jokes? Now you play more steadily, you normalized, get used to each other; are you ready to win or you still have something else that interferes, not allowing to revel yourselves at 100%?

 Afoninje: Although I am the youngest player in the roster, I feel no pressure to myself from the team. I already have an experience from real life of being a member of such companies. It happens all the time that I am the youngest one in any team, but it ceased to confuse me long ago. Stability – a difficult question. We still like have a “random” success with it, but when we catch our game – we can fight anyone.

Sunday, February, 1

01.02, 6:30 СЕТ – HellRaisers vs MVP.Phoenix @bo1

01.02, 9:30 СЕТ – HellRaisers vs Invictus Gaming @bo1

01.02, 12:30 СЕТ – HellRaisers vs LGD Gaming @bo1

 HellRaisers vs  MVP.Phoenix

 MVP.Phoenix: QO, Heen, March, Forev, Reisen

Koreans very promising began their performance on tournament, overplaying Newbee in the first day! But as it appeared later, precisely those two teams became main contenders to say good bye to DAC2015 already at the group stage. That triumph over the champions of The International became a single win for them in this tournament, the other two battles they lost. But MVP still preserve some theoretical, though small chances to occupy rescuing 12th line, in order to do that, they need to win all remained matches, including match against HellRaisers. Therefore, if ‘Phoenixes’ still have a motivation fire burning inside, our guys may have hard times. The Korean team is a very dangerous opponent, which is not weaker of the most teams on this tournament, but for ‘lions’ to loose points here is not permissible.

 HellRaisers vs  Invictus Gaming

 Invictus Gaming: Luo, Ferrari_430, June, ChuaN

In case if win in the first match of the gaming day, meeting with IG will have a different status. The winner of this match will make a huge step forward to guaranteeing a place in top-8. Their first ten matches of the tournament, this Chinese team won six times and shares places 5-6 with Natus Vincere. Yesterday, iG played three matches against compatriots, in every match a tension was high for long time. Especially colorful was the victory over the CDEC. In this one-hour confrontation they managed to turn the game over, due to successful dogfight near own base! Though in this tournament no one forgives any mistakes, iG are able to punish for them especially tough. Therefore ‘lions’ in order to achieve victory will have to play the entire game at maximum level of concentration, having committing no mistakes.

 HellRaisers vs  LGD Gaming

 LGD Gaming: Sylar, Yao, MMy, inJuly, Faith

But this collective form Celestial Empire repeats way of HR at current tournament. Before the start of the fourth gaming day, LGD have the same number of wins and losses as HellRaisers – 5. Last days of the group stage for them will define their further destiny on tournament: in worst case they may even leave the tournament. Therefore game between these two teams is a decisive one! Weakness of LGD – in resisting the aggressive dota, these guys often lost if their opponent clamping them from the beginning. LGD – the most patient Chinese team, sometimes even meticulous. Aggressive pick against these guys is what is necessary. Will our guys do that , we will see in the game, do not miss it!

Want to ask a player or manager of our team? Do it in your comments to this news on our website! At the end of every gaming day "lions" will answer the best questions and we will immediately publish them on the pages of hellraisers.pro!

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Cheer for HellRaisers!