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RoX.KiS were smashed by tanks of HellRaisers

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The game expected to be hard and even in game it was seen that RoX decided to change their style of play in the fight against HellRaisers. However, all plans of the Ukrainian-Russian squad were broken down by good teamwork of our guys. Final score 5:1 reflects the game in full.

By the way, to look at the history of our guys’ games and to know more about the tournament you can in in our report.

 HellRaisers [5:1]  RoX.KiS 

map one – Prokhorovka

The starting battle remembered by aggressive rush to the center of the map on first seconds of battle, where teams exchanges with damage. Finally only two machines of ‘Roxes’ with full HP and 4 tanks of HR all almost without HP. However, our guys managed to competently coordinate actions and crushed the enemy by number.

The second round on this map ended almost immediately. Having repeating the scenario of the first fight, rushing ahead into the center of the map, HR destroyed all fire power of the opponent and guaranteed the second point in the match.

However, as it appeared later, it was not the fastest round in this battle. RoX.KiS chose a setup with two T20, but this plan failed. HR, having moved for the attack, immediately went to destroy opponent’s equipment and managed to do that in 1 minute and 18 seconds, and that is a record! Fantastic battle had out guys then — 3:0.

Last round on Prokhorovka our guys won not so fast as before, but overplayed the opponent anyway. RoXes overestimated their chances on this map, their preparations though looked well from the beginning, in reality did not work at all. A dry victory on Prokhorovka – 4:0!

Map two Steppes

First battle on Steppes from the beginning went not well for HR: due to much aggression (probably still could not leave Prokhorovka in mind) tanks of HellRaisers were shot many times. Up to the end of the round, thanks to the triple capture of the point, our guys were two seconds from victory, but Roxes, though they stayed in minority, managed to break the capture and rescued the round by running each in different directions.

But in the next round, the game was over. RoX.KiS, using their antitactics to the plan of HR through gunner Max_San were easily read. Immediately reacting to situation, our guys decided to concentrate on defense. Thus it turned out to earn a numerical advantage and to use it successfully was already easy. The duel came to the end quickly, our guys won 5:1, clearly overcoming the opponent, first of all on Prokhorovka.


After the game we asked several question to players of HellRaisers:

Prokhorovka – a strong map of HR or a weak map of RoX.KiS? What was the reason of such a destruction? Whether you surprised to such an advantage or you knew for sure that your opponents cannot do anything here?

 Bullkin: Most likely, the opponent was weaker on Prokhorovka. Everything was decided in a shootout wall to wall, were rule such factors as skill and focusing. More balanced setup and good players – are the reason of such result. We were not surprised, we played our game.

 DYADOR: It is rather weaker map of Roxes. The reason of such destruction was tank T20, which could not help anyhow in shootouts.

How do you evaluate your own results at the start of the Gold League season?

 Bullkin: Generally, the result is good enough. It is not perfect, but it is good that we have where to grow up! Confidence and teamplay with every round grows and it pleases us, but there many opponent ahead, so we are not going to relax!

This victory allowed HellRaisers to strengthen their position in the three of the best after four rounds. In our asset – 11 points. Next match HellRaisers will play against SHADOWS on February, 5. More details – in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!