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HellRaisers took the third place at ASUS Winter 2015

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The championship in Helsinki with a prize fund of $25.000 comes to an end.  In this second played the final match, in which we will not see our guys. In terms of event results they took third place and earned $4.000. More detail in our report.

On Friday HellRAisers held very tense games within the group stage. Sensationally from the first place into the playoffs came PENTA team, which overcame not only us, but also Poles from Virtus.pro, who were considered by many as favorites of the Finnish lan. In the match for getting out of the group, HellRaisers were stronger than Poles and kicked them off the tournament.

In the semi-finals our opponent was NiP, which are in a good gaming shape and were well prepared to the tournament MLG Aspen, which Get_RighT&Co visited a week before. At ASUS Winter ‘Ninjas’ look very confident, therefore in semi-finals against our guys they proved their title of the favorites. HellRaisers have had some chances, and ANGE1 told about them in his video-blog from the place of event, but guys had a lack of preparations.

All matches HellRaisers at ASUS ROG Winter 2015:

 Stage  Opponent  Map  Score  Record
 Group А   PENTA  inferno  13:16  link
 Group А   Volgare  mirage  16:10  demo
 Group А   Virtus.pro  inferno  16:10  link
 semi-finals   NiP  dust2  8:16  link
 semi-finals   NiP  inferno  10:16  link
 match for 3rd place   PENTA  mirage  16:13  link
 match for 3rd place   PENTA  dust2  16:9  link


Match for the third place (or the battle for additional $2.000) ANGE1&Co played more relaxed, in free and aggressive manner, they proved their superiority over PENTA. On both maps HellRaisers looked better and Germans could not adjust to our guys play. By the way, in the semi-finals, they were shocked by defeat 0:16 from Titan on de_inferno and, certainly, for long time will remember it. All the results can be found in our report.

With bronze medals in the pocket, our guys are getting home. A short time for rest and after that – a long process of preparations to ESL One Katowice, which will be accompanied with performances on several online-tournaments.

Cheer for HellRaisers!