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Chinese day for HellRaisers HellRaisers at DAC 2015

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In terms of results of starting tournament day "lions" won only once in three matches. Beginning from the confident win over Natus Vincere, our guys in next two games could not find a key to the opponent and that became a main reason of two defeats. Generally, the result of the first day is not catastrophic, especially considering the fact that all loses were in matches against the favorites. Ranking grid and other important information can be found in our report.

In the first day preview we offered you to ask question to the players of HellRaisers. I didn't keep to wait for the answers long! We will choose the most interesting one of them daily and will ask it to players, who are now in China.

 Kadzicu: What do you do besides training? Do you go somewhere to have a good time? What do you eat there? How is Shanghai? How you get used to the changing of time zone?
 Dulat «goddam» Seimomyn: We manage to do still a little. During first days we only trained and slept, trying to get physical balance after a long flight. As an entertainment we have here walks around the city. Sometimes we just leave the hotel and for an hour wander quarters back and forth. We live in the «new» (at least our guide-interpreter says so), therefore everything looks like a regular megalopolis. But we would like to see old buildings, streets, somehow to meet the real China. Also in the hotel we have a swimming pool, but we have no time to go there. All time is spent for matches and their expectations. We hope to get some time for it in nearest days. Either we eat here meals, supplied by the organizers or we visit local cafeterias. We found McDonalds here – we can always come there in case if want to remember the taste of at least some familiar food.

Friday, January, 30

30.01, 6:30 – HellRaisers vs EHOME @bo1

30.01, 9:30 – HellRaisers vs CDEC @bo1

30.01, 14:00 – HellRaisers vs HGT @bo1

30.01, 17:00 – HellRaisers vs Cloud 9 @bo1

 HellRaisers vs  EHOME

 EHOME: Mushi, DDC, inflame, Yang, Ohaiyo

Opening an eSport marathon of Friday, our DOTA players will oppose to EHOME – one of Chinese collectives, for which the first game day can be safely recorded in the asset. Having begun, in fact, from the lost game against CDEC due to own mistakes, Mushi&Co won twice afterwards. This Chinese team is known by its ability to wait for a certain moment, even sometimes too much sitting at their own side of the map, patiently collecting necessary artifacts. In game against such opponents is necessary to surprise and to force them to make operational decisions. I think, our guys will cope with it as no one else.

 HellRaisers vs  CDEC

 CDEC: Maybe, Garder, Q, 上头, mikasa

Precisely this weakness of EHOME used our second opponent in the gaming day of tomorrow – CDEC. In their battle, two Chinese teams sat at their sides, the first frag appeared after 10th minute of play. Losing in terms of graphs, CDEC made some efforts to equalize the situation by active offensive operations, they often tried to catch the enemy on mistakes or carelessness. Such an approach was correct and it brought them three points. In the last games these guys could find a key to their opponent and were overplayed by Clouds and then by HGT.

 HellRaisers vs  HGT

 HGT: ZSMJ, Air, Acy, Kaka, PrettyHaw

The last ones will be the third opponent of HR in that day. Except above-mentioned victory and a day before yesterday’s getting into the main tournament WildCard, this team can not boast of any achievements. Their single win was earned due to the aggressive pick, and that isn't peculiar to Chinese teams. Nevertheless, these guys – one of the outsiders of the tournament, therefore gaining three points for them is needed badly. Hyper Glory Team now are in the table nearly HellRaisers, so we need to come off!

 HellRaisers vs  Cloud 9

 Cloud 9: FATA, bOne7, MiSeRy, BigDaddy, EternalEnvy

Fourth, bonus match will be opposition of HellRaisers and Сloud 9. This international team played against three Chinese collectives on Thursday, which will play against HR today. Thanks to that, there will be enough time for viewing replays at preparations to the match! Clouds usually use a wide pool of heroes in order to organize their advantage from the first minutes of play. EHOME, due to the fact that they managed to grow up late heroes, I the later game they destroyed plans of C9. In case if our guys could be able to oppose something to the aggressive pick of Europeans, a victory is not far away!

Want to ask a player or manager of our team? Do it in your comments to this news on our website! At the end of every gaming day "lions" will answer the best questions and we will immediately publish them on the pages of hellraisers.pro!

Support our guys, even in Shanghai they have to feel support of native fans! You can do that on our site or on our pages in social networks (VK, facebook, twitter). More details on eventin our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!