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HellRaisers and ASUS ROG Winter 2015: the start

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It is not first tournament of European scale that goes in Helsinki. In the previous times prize fund Helsinki gathered mid-level teams, but now the event will be attended by a row of world CS:GO stars. All information about the tournament is in our report.

Schedule of today's matches:

(1) 01.30, 17:00 –  HellRaisers vs  PENTA @bo1
(2) 01.30, 17:00 –  Virtus.pro vs  Volgare @bo1

(3) 01.30, 18:30 – winner 1 vs winner 2 @bo1
01.30, 18:30 – loser 1 vs loser 2 @bo1

(5) 01.30, 20:00 – loser 3 vs winner 4 @bo1


In terms of the draw resuls HellRaisers got into the group А, where they will oppose to Poles from Virtus.pro, Germans from PENTA and Hungarian Volgare. Lets talk about them in details below.

 Virtus.pro (Neo, TaZ, byali, pasha, Snax)

"Bears" have not shown a high level of play lately. After the New Year Eve, the Polish team performs not steadily. Often, as in the match against our guys at SLTV 12, DDoS-attacks interfere in destiny of the match, therefore we can examine the team only at international lan-tournaments. But there were no such tournaments in this year. Traditionally Virtus.pro without any problems enter play-offs of most of the tournaments, where they participate. Neo&Co got lucky at the group, because no one, except unpredictable HellRaisers will try to fight against Golden Five. 

A little more than a month remained before start of ESL One Katowice, a native tournament for the guys with prize fund of $250.000. Especially VP became a triumphant of last year event. In many ways it succeeded, because of thought-out plan, competent preparations and bringing their maximum gaming shape to the start of the major tournament. For Poles this Finnish tournament is a first big training, where they will try to win the gold. Matches between HellRaisers and Virtus.pro are unpredictable. It is simpler for our guys to play against a well-know opponent, than against “dark horses”. With Polish team HellRaisers often practice, therefore teams have almost no secrets from each other. So, in case if match between two so close teams on CIS-scene will be reality, it will become a special present for eSports Friday.

 PENTA Sports (nex, denis, Spiidi, strux1, kRYSTAL)

The German team is getting pretty famous lately. The New Year has been marked for these guys by a row of matches on online tournaments. At SLTV StarSeries 12 affairs went quite bad and after three defeats (from HR, VP and Deponeret) the German team got off the tournament, but at online-qualifiers to ASUS ROG Winter 2015 for nex&Co everything went very well! On their way to the desired quota, Germans did not lose in any match, winning qualifiers through the upper bracket! On the way to their win kRYSTAL&Co defeated Volgare.

In the PENTA roster there are experienced players, which participated in many lan-tournaments. Spiidi, denis and kRYSTAL took part in the December Dreamhack Winter, where they made a sensation, by getting out of the group. In quarterfinals, by the way, they were stopped by Virtus.pro. After visiting Sweden, Germans replaced two players, adding a perspective Nex. This guy gives great hope, actively gaining an excellent personal statistics in games of the team. According to forecasts of specialists, especially PENTA has to become a main opponent for HellRaisers in struggle for a place in the quarterfinals.

 Volgare (FoDa, flash, alexrad, gabesson, bodito)

The most unusual or even exotic team, which will participate in ASUS ROG Winter 2015, will be Hungarians from Volgare. These guys with sweat and blood reached the quota for Finnish tournament, defeating Danish team – UnU.AiN (a.k.a. Cph Wolves). They have had not much of experience of playing in major European lan-tournaments: several time this clan-tag showed themselves at Balkan lans, they played many online-qualifiers for several major events, however they only now got success to it. Constant dropping will wear away a stone!

It is unlikely that the Hungarian team would hesitate preparations for the tournament. It is a great chance for them to show themselves among the strongest European teams, their games will see thousands of people on streaming channels and their fights will discuss by analytics! But their successful performance can be prevented by a lack of experience, skill and banal excitement. In addition, the first opponent for them will be mighty Virtus.pro, which will not have any patience to anyone. Will the Hungarians be able to deny their status of obvious outsiders – we will find out soon in the game!

HellRaisers go to Finland for victories. In anticipation of the tournament guys held the three-day bootcamp in Kiev, where they actively practiced, analyzing the mistakes and preparing surprizes for future opponents. Guys will try to please you with productive and beautiful game, and they await for your support and faith!

All tournament details can be found in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!