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«Lions» enter the battle at DAC 2015

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Tournament with prize pool of $2.000.000 attracts more attention of DOTA-community. The "Mini-International", that’s how it is called in the community, gathered in Shanghai 16 best teams from all over the world. HellRaisers entered the number of participants due to their win at European qualifiers. More details on upcoming event – in our report.

Thursday, January, 29

29.01, 09:30 CET – HellRaisers vs Natus Vincere @bo1

29.01, 14:00 CET – HellRaisers vs Big God @bo1

29.01, 17:00 CET – HellRaisers vs Secret @bo1

 HellRaisers vs  Natus Vincere

 Natus Vincere: XBOCT, Dendi, Funn1k, Vanskor, Goblak

The first opponent on the tournament will be one of the winners of Wild Card stage – Natus Vincere. "Born to win" very confidently won lan-qualifiers, not leaving a chance to any opponent. Their only defeat, the Ukrainian team had in game which meant nothing, where Techies, Pudge etc. fought. Na`Vi appeared on tournament very prepared and they are really strong for now. Especially on tournaments with huge prize pool Na`Vi players, not depending on condition, considered as one of the most real appliers for a main prize. To start tournament from a revenge would be a magnificent start for HellRaisers on lan-finals of SLTV StarSeries 11. Dread&Co were preparing to meet "Born to win" still on Kiev’s tournament, however, they could not reveal their power due to absence of one team’s player. For now all team members are ready to win. HellRaisers have all the chances!

 HellRaisers vs  Big God

 Big God: xiao8, Burning, rOtk, iceice, LaNm

Their second match on tournament our guys will play against the Chinese star line-up, which can be called "divine".  However, the high scale indicator of DOTA legends will rather not confuse our guys.  В последнее время Big God showed themselves well online, they have not lost in 12 battles in a row. By the way, this team is formed without any champion’s ambitions, however the gathered company of old friends, who long ago already made their names, is capable to fight for the highest lines in this tournament. It will not be easy resisting the old residents of the game, however "gods" – is a beatable opponent and the game can turn out by any scenario. Experience and house walls are the advantage of Chinese players, but desire and adjustment are the strongest sides of "lions".

 HellRaisers vs  Team Secret

 Team Secret: Arteezy, zai, KyroKy, s4, Puppey

Secrecy and unpredictability of the match reads off scale! Recent changes in roster of Team Secret are pushing on different thoughts. After receiving Arteezy and zai, team have not played on any tournament, therefore no one has any idea what these guys are capable of. For more than three weeks Team Secret were preparing for Dota 2 Asia Championship, sacrificing a lot of tournaments, SLTV StarSeries 11, for instance. Experts predict that changes in roster will bring a benefit for the team, though they were made a little late. They say that Puppey&Co would not do the expressive changes, but made the decision deliberately and after careful consideration. "Lions" will not only have to choose the correct tactics for that match, but also will have to maintain good gaming shape and physical strength, because all big breaks between the matches are very difficult for players.

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Support our guys, even in Shanghai they have to feel support of native fans! You can do that on our site or on our pages in social networks (VK, facebook, twitter). More details on eventin our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!