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WoT-roster plays against The Young Lions

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HellRaiser began their third season of Wargaming.net Golden League from two win, though not easy ones. In matches against two novices of elite division, our guys played far from perfect. In order to defend the title of current champions it is necessary for them to show high level of play against any opponent.

 Last matches of The Young Lions:  Last matches of HellRaisers:
 vs  RoX.KiS – 5:3  vs  SC6 – 5:4
 vs  Vega – 5:2  vs  EVG – 5:3


Today, one more novice of the division will fight against us, however the game is expected to be a hard one. The fact is that The Young Lions very confidently started in "golden league", earning in two first matches the maximum possible points. Neither RoX.KiS, nor Vega could oppose anything to the competent and well thought-out game "young lions".

By the way, about the young. Interesting fact: captain of TYL, Stam_71, is 43 year old, nevertheless he is filled up with enthusiasm and will to reveal himself in "world of tanks". Under his management the team destroyed RoX.KiS on Cliff, and due to this won the whole match. In the end of the match "young lions" managed to win three battles in a row! The match against Vega did not bring any problems: they lost only first battles on maps. It seems that from game start the team reconnoiters an opponent, then adjusts and turns over the course of the game.

Will Stam_71&Co be capable to read well their opponent in the match against HellRaisers? Whether "young lions" truly occupy the third line of the ranking grid or is it all just because of a lucky calendar? Is new roster of HellRaisers gaining their gaming shape? The game will answer all the questions.

Do not miss, January, 28 at 22:00 Kiev time (23:00 МSK) will be played match within third round of third season by Wargaming.net Golden League – HellRaisers vs The Young Lions! More detailed information about the tournament – in our report.