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HR.WoT celebrates victory over EVG

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Map one – Ruinberg

The Game between Gold and Silver Series winners of the last season started with an embarrassment. During first battle player of HellRaisers lolwo disconnected from the network and due to this Evil Geniuses went ahead. Losing one of the key tanks by some non-playing reasons and by committing a row of mistakes at the start of the game, HellRaisers were forced to recoup.

In the second battle on Ruinberg HellRasers played with replacement. Instead of the Belorussian, max_san came in the game, he is team’s regular gunner. In the beginning, the advantage was on the side of EVG, however they made a risky decision in the ending part of the game to relocate into another part of the map, and in decisive shootout conceded to more experienced opponent. HellRaisers hardly won one round for the defense — 1:1.

Switching to attacking side, HellRaisers played an «arcade» round, they resolutely gone with whole team to capture the second base. Being stunned with such active actions of the opponent, EVG were not capable to resist the aggressive play of HR. Finally, the battle ended quickly and without any resistance, our guys went ahead in score — 2:1.

The last battle on Ruinberg started the same way as previous one, but ended differently. Though EVG committed at the beginning several small mistakes, they managed to lure a number of HR tanks by single 90th and all the others were killed one by one due to their advantage in number. Because of quickly made conclusions, novices of Gold Series managed to even the score to the end on the battle — 2:2.

Интернет подвел lolwo в первом бою
Internet failed 'lolwo' in the first battle

Map two – Steppes

On Steppes Evil Geniuses tried to surprise our guys, however they became hostages of their own aggressiveness. The gunnery, which they took, did not play a major role. Moreover, at shootouts EVG always felt the lack of one machine. Finally, HellRaisers managed to destroy dispersed opponents and thus to add this round to their asset — 3:2.

At the sixth battle, HellRaisers took the setup with arta, which was almost useless. A try of capturing the base did not bring the success, EVG competently broke that process, in parallel trying to save as many tanks as possible. That forced our tankers for aggression on last minutes. The opponents were ready for such turn of events and constrained attack of HR. Only max_san survived – 3:3.

The seventh round went to the asset of HellRaisers, max_san did five hits with his artillery and that gave an advantage to our guys. During five minutes HellRaisers’ tankmen managed to destroy all enemy machines, not allowing them escape the inconvenient situation.

The decisive battle went by usual scenario until on the third minute EVG made a decision for risky detour through the railway. According to received information, HR managed to regroup in time and received six tanks together. Our guys became winners of the shootout, map and the whole match in terms of results — 5:3!

This win allowed LuciqueII&Co to raise up to the third line of Golden Series. For EVG today’s loss became second in a row, they went down to the bottom of the ranking grid.

Next match our tankmen will play on January, 28. The opponent is Russian team — The Young Lions. We will keep you informed!

Cheer for HellRaisers!