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HellRaisers overcame the first group stage of SLTV 12

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The match against "deposited" played a crucial role in distribution of places in group B. The defeat with the score of 2:0 pushed HellRaisers away to the third line. Victory with any score would guarantee our guys coming out of the group from the first place. But everything ended by scenario ideally suitable for Virtus.pro.

Group B

P Team G W L T
1   Virtus.pro (+1) 3 2 1 6
2   HellRaisers (0) 3 2 1 6
3   Deponeret (-1) 3 2 1 6
4   PENTA 3 0 3 0

P – place, G – games, W – won, L – lost, T – Total, in brackets near the name of teams is specified the difference in maps between teams with equal quantity of points

 HellRaisers [11:16]  Deponeret @inferno

To everyone's surprise, HellRaisers with the pick took de_inferno, where they lost twice yesterday. It seems that Danes watched those matches, because their actions often accompanied with ideal understanding of the gameplay style and reading the actions of the opponent. Besides that, Pimp&Co brilliantly used a weakness of our — playing in defense. As in matches against VP and PENTA, strongest side of HellRaisers became their weakness and attacks of the Scandinavian team surprisingly easy reach their targets. With such play map could not be won — 11:16.

 HellRaisers [16:8]  Deponeret @mirage

But on the second map it felt that HellRaisers feel free for both sides. The same strange pick of the Danish team (de_mirage is not their strongest map) predictably ran with advantage of HellRaisers. A handicap for the future victory our guys created still in the first half, which they confidently won, overplaying enemies due to well-aimed shooting and tactical teamwork. Switching to counter-terrorists, HR allowed one important economic mistake to take place, not predicting the full purchase of the opponent. The cost for that was one round, but the final score on de_mirage was more than convincing — 16:7.

 HellRaisers [14:16]  Deponeret @dust2

dust2 was a decisive map. Losing at knife-round, our guys forced to start the game for terrorists. However, there no problems appeared due to this. Moreover, HR confidently went ahead in score and made a stock of 9 rounds for themselves — 10:1. At this episode of the match Deponeret looked doomed, however the Scandinavians did not get confused. Having collected their will in a fist, they won all four left rounds and after the second half the score was 10:5 already. Business began to smell fried when the pistol round also became a property of FeTiSh&Co. Round after round Danish team began to get out of the difficult situation. Finally, the score evened— 14:14. Last rounds Deponeret also won and celebrated victory in this match.

Team captain Cyrill "ANGE1" Karasev after the game answered several questions.

Why as your own pick you chose de_inferno, where you lost twice a day ago?

 ANGE1: "The team is at a formation stage, and frankly speaking, no maps are ready at our camp. Today we discussed de_inferno, we played a couple practice fights on it. This variation seemed to me more the most acceptable. We lost today's series due to lack of teamwork in defense, but we are working on it and approaching to our goal."

What happened at de_dust2 after 10:1 score in your favor?

 ANGE1: "On de_dust2 we started to play quite risky and payed for that. We already made conclusions from this matter."

Nevertheless, Pimp&Co are left overboard the group stage. Due to map difference Virtus.pro became champions of the group, HellRaisers are at the second place and Deponeret — only the third. Danish team will play the round of «last chance», and our guys next time will play in the second group stage. It is scheduled for mid-February.

All the information you can find in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!