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HR vs Deponeret: match of the day

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It is nothing better than to watch a fight of favorite team this wonderful evening. HellRaisers feel much more confident due to their two yesterday wins, But nevertheless there still some chances for our guys to finish the third.

Consider the situation in the group under a microscope, you can in our report.

22.01, 22:30 КВ (23:30 Moscow time) –  HellRaisers vs  Deponeret @bo3

 HellRaisers roster: Dosia, ANGE1, kUcheR, flamie, AdreN
 Deponeret roster: FeTiSh, Pimp, Kjaerbye, Nico, aizy

Who are Deponeret? These guys is not an easy opponent. Recently we have heard about this roster, it had a name of Copenhagen Wolves and successfully performed in different tournaments including major ones. A while ago they have had a replacement: instead of gla1ve the colors of wolves now defends the most experienced sniper, the ex-player of Team Dignitas Henrik "FeTiSh" Kristensen. Together with him the Danish team have played for several weeks and fought in a row of official matches.

Strong maps of ex-Cph Wolves are: de_nuke, de_inferno, de_dust2. The Danish team try to give more time to practice de_mirage, but still have no visible success with it. HellRaisers considered as a favorite on this map, on de_cache and de_overpass. By the way, Pimp&Co play well on de_cobblestone, and this is a big plus for them.

Within SLTV StarSeries XII "wolves" played two matches. Overplaying PENTA on two maps, the Scandinavians conceded 2:0 to Virtus.pro and for now may dream about getting out of the group only in case of overcoming HellRaisers. The defeat for our guys can be fatal. In worst case HellRaisers can go down to the third place, which will lead us to one of the rounds of play-offs. In order to avoid play-off matches for quiting the tournament it is necessary to overplay such an opponent.

Team is adjusted to victory and will try to show its own game in fight for necessary result.Please, do not forget to support our guys, they appreciate it very much! All needed information about Star Series can be easily found in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!