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HellRaisers.WoT overcame SC6 in the match-opening of WGL S3

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First map – Steppes

First fight HellRaisers spent in an interesting attack, however in the final battle at last seconds «Santa Clauses» managed to break the base capture and successfully avoided their own death before the round expired. The destiny was decided in 4 seconds, which lacked HR.

Nevertheless in the next round the luck was on the side of our guys. They managed to quickly occupy the enemy point, SC6 could not think up some action plan and lost, the score evened — 1:1.

After changing of sides HellRaisers played a brilliant battle. Twice they broke captures of the point in a last moment, to the end of the round the managed to gather the whole squad on the map and with such advantage they and broke the enemy resistance.

SC6 repeated a plan of the last round, however their Т49 caught courage, making several excellent shots. It allowed to get rid of key tanks of HR on the field and to turn the battle course to advantage of SC6.  Это позволило вывести из строя ключевые танки HR и перевернуть ход боя в свою пользу. Steppes map ended with the score of 2:2.

Second map – Cliff

«Santa Clauses» tried to win the battle, having initially conceived the cunning plan. Sending to certain death two tanks on Base 1, the rest of the team tried to break through the middle to the second point. However, HellRaisers were on the alert and without losses accepted attack of the rival.

Next fight. With confident breakthrough three minutes before the end, SC6 managed to get an advantage, and position near the lighthouse played a major role in defending the captured point by attackers. The defeat in this battle, rather, wine of HR team – 3: 3.

In attack HellRaisers tried to gradually carry out their actions, however mistakes at the start could not be fix to the end of the fight. In the final shootout, SC6 had more tanks and health, it allowed them to take the fourth point in the match.

Having appeared in a step from defeat, HellRaisers showed a trump from a sleeve and won fight for attack. The key point were successful damage exchanges in the first minutes of battle and competent team work after the capture of the point. The defense had no chances to win the round. Match went to the tie-break — 4:4.

Final statistics of the match

Tie-break — Prokhorovka

Our guys chose the side of defense. From first seconds HellRaisers rushed forward to enemy, and as a result received an advantage in HP. SC6 immediately began to capture the point, however they could not defend their positions successfully — Hellraisers by bombing confidently destroyed all tanks of the rival and finished a duel in own favor.

Thus, HellRaisers earn 2 points, SC6 – 1. Our guys began the season of Gold Series with a victory, though it was at tie-break.

Total match score:

 HellRaisers [5:4]  SC6