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HR.WoT out on the battlefield!

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A few days ago, the HellRaisers organization was replenished with a roaster in World of Tanks discipline. More details concerning this matter you can find on our website.

Today HellRaisers’ tankers will fight their first battle under the new banner. It will be within Golden Series of Wargaming.net, where the last champions are still Unity team, now known as HellRaisers. Since the moment of triumph many thing changed: the roster had changes, new captain appeared, but goal still remains the same – to win.

To open up the next season of Wargaming.net League our guys will be with match against Santa Claus and Six Deers team, who is a newbie in the division and got into the tankers elite through the Silver Series. HellRaisers are favorites in this match, but no one can guarantee a total advantage, considering the factor of renewed roster. Santa Claus and Six Deers is dangerous and unpredictable opponent, motivated to strengthen its position in Gold Series and to show themselves well in the matches against titled opponents.

Start of the match at 19:00 Kiev time (20:00 MSK). Support our team!


Schedule of the matches:

21.01, 19:00 Kiev time HellRaisers vs  SC6

Teams' lineups:

 HellRaisers: Lucique, DYADOR, Near_You, Neskwi, lolwo, kamaek, Bullkin, Max_san
 SC6: SantaClaus, Rudolph, Justcreat1ve, kolesoid, nikolas, funny_mushroom, flashfireback,snigach