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HellRaisers start their performance at SLTV StarSeries 12

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Their performance at SLTV StarSeries 12 our guys will start against one of main applicants not only for LAN-finals, but also for the whole tournament. The Polish team Virtus.pro for more than six-month plays with unchanged roster and it helps the guys to steadily stay in the number of applicants for a victory in every tournament where they take part.

21.01, 18:00 CET –  HellRaisers vs  Virtus.pro @bo3

SLTV StarSeries as an event is very important for them as to HellRaisers. Polacks have participated in eight seasons of StarLadder, where have got into the LAN-part five times. Moreover, they became a team, which twice won Kiev's tournament. TaZ&Co feel inside the "Arena" as at home, therefore they never play online part carelessly.

«Bears» – this nickname team has got after they transferred into the Russian organization Virtus.pro and they are considered as favorites for the current battle. Their roster have no problems with teamplay, coordination and tactical arsenal. Last matches, excluding their recent fight against Natus Vincere, VP won.

History of internal oppositions of Virtus.pro and HellRaisers is quite poor, considering fever with roster at HellRaisers camp. Last time we celebrated victory against VP at Moscow tournament – Game Show League: then bo3 series ended in favor of HR. Important detail: in that tournament Virtus.pro played with stand-in and showed not their best CS. Last time online these two teams met in October. Within Fragbite Masters 3 the Polish team won 2:1 in terms of maps, losing on de_cache 2:16, but winning 22:20 on de_overpass and 16:9 on de_inferno.

Remembering that fight, the only thing that comes to mind is Ddos-attacks, which spoiled a pleasure of watching the game. A match outcome was shown only in recorded format, in order to avoid hacker attacks. With last roster HR were a serious opponent for Virtus.pro, a one of most unpleasant teams, because HellRaisers excellently showed themselves on best maps of Neo&Co.

Is new roster of HR, which plays together for less than a week, capable to perform with such a success? Will ANGE1 find with what to surprise their opponent? Will team’s newcomers be able to reveal themselves? All the answers for these questions we will find in the first match of Cybersport's Tuesday — HellRaisers vs Virtus.pro. More details about this game — in our report.

21.01, 21:00 CET –  HellRaisers vs  PENTA @bo3

Right after the duel with VP, there one more tuff opponent awaits for HellRaisers and its also unpleasant one. PENTA — are those Germans, which did not allow HellRaisers to qualify for Dreamhack Winter 2014 from first try and they forced our team to go to the dream-point by lower bracket. From those times, rosters of both teams were seriously changed and now two teams are in search of optimal conditions.

Recently in the roster of PENTA appeared 22-year old German with nickname – nex, time by time brings more and more bright impressions. This guy just pulled on himself the whole team within the online tournament – 99 Damage Arena #4. Two strong Swedish teams were defeated then  — Orbit and Flipside. When you will be watching the fight PENTA – HR, please pay a special attention to this guy!

But HellRaisers also have a young blood as Flamie, from which all await at his minimum the similar level of play. The renewed roster of HellRaisers still does not know a taste of victory, therefore in case of unsuccessful match against Pollacks, the German team has to be overplayed anyhow.

The strongest maps of PENTA Sports are dust2 and mirage. On inferno, nuke and overpass HellRaisers consider as favorites. Actually, both teams do not play cobblestone often, but on cache teams look more than convincing. The stage of pick/ban will play a major role in this battle. In case if de_cache would be left for the end, as a third map, this scenario we can call more beneficial for the Germans. However, if everything would be decided on inferno or overpass, there will be less worries about HellRaisers.

In fact, the destiny of coming out from the group for HellRaisers will be determined this evening. Two wins would guarantee participation in the next stage of the tournament, but one or two defeats will put our team into the inconvenient situation. You can get more information in our report about the turning events in this tournament.

Cheer for HellRaisers!