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HellRaisers sign up WoT-roster

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In early autumn, signing up the roster of Dota 2, our organization made a big step forward. In that day, HellRaisers became a full-fledged multigaming, having on hand the competitive teams on two leading cybersports.

Today is the moment, when HellRaisers will appear in the new discipline. Day by day World of Tanks gains popularity, especially on the territory of CIS. From now on, under the banner of HellRaisers will perform well known guys from The RED Rush: Unity. They proved themselves as a battle team, have participated in a row of LAN-tournaments and able to boast with good results.

CITYLINK 2013 – 1 place
Ural Steel (October 2013) – 2 place
Wargaming Gold League 2 Season (November 2013) – 2 place
Wargaming Gold League 3 Season (February 2014) – 2 place
Wargaming Grand Final (March 2014) – 3 place
Wargaming Gold League 1 Season (July 2014) – 2 place
Kubinka International Cup (September 2014) – 1 place
Wargaming Gold League 2 Season (October 2014) – 1 place

We hope that as HellRaisers these guys are capable to take care of all actual tasks and to win gold cups and medals from as many as possible tournaments. In order to do that, it requires hard work, persistence and a victorious spirit. The organization will provide all things necessary for their further progress and for reaching of high results!

Yuriy Bukharov, manager of HR.WoT:

"We are happy to join the team and become a part of HellRaisers organization. We believe that HellRaisers will give our team a professional inspiration, that is necessary for the further growth of the team and in order to compete with strongest teams in World of Tanks discipline. Despite serious changes in roster during current off-season period, we set the highest goals and we are completely positive that with support of HellRaisers we will reach them."

 HellRaisers.WoT roster:

  Volodimir "DYADOR" Drutskiy
  Ruslan "Lucique" Iermakov
  Aliaksei "Near_You" Kuchkin
  Vladislav "Neskwi" Kanaev
  Andrei "lolwo" Dzenisenka
  Dmytro "kamaek" Hrankin
  Aleksei "Bullkin" Zhiltsov
  Maksym "Max_san" Ivanov

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