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HellRaisers conceded to LDLC in the final of G2A December Cup

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Not the most optimistical forecasts of bookmakers were confirmed: HellRaisers lost three maps, seriously struggled on two of them. Read below how this final turned out.

de_nuke: HellRaisers [10:16] LDLC

The match opened with de_nuke map. The starting rounds gave an understanding that viewers will see a big struggle and the French team will not get the victory so easily. Unlike the most popular opinion inside the community, that playing for terrorists on de_nuke is like banging your head against the wall, HellRaisers from the first full buy-round began to kill the enemy, catching beneficial timings and trapping opponents using their own mistakes.

The first our player who rushed was Flamie (by the way in this game he was as stand-in instead of kUcheR), winning the situation 1vs2 in first arms round. In the next oneб French guys almost won an eco-round, but s1mple rescued the situation by killing alone two remained alive counter-terrorists.

But in the next eco-round NBK&Co managed to drive the affair to the end, during the play on the map CZ-75, Tec-9 and P250 were enough for a victory in a round for more than three times! By the way, after recent update, CZ-75 (Valve strengthened the pistol) we often will see such things in matches of professional teams.

One of two key moments of the match happened after changing the sides when the score reached 9:9. At eco-round of the French team, HellRaisers "missed" the coming to the lower plant, s1mple in a closer duel with NBK around «channels» missed from his AWP, but pulled out a knife and stabbed a rival, however he could not kill anyone else. All the rest players of HR also could not rescue the situation and the round was lost.

The second key situation  happened again at eco-round of LDLC, but now at the score of 10:13. A rapid rush to the plant «А» had to end with ease the win of our guys, but four frags from shoxie with tec-9 put the edge to HellRaisers’ hopes for victory not only in this round, but also on the first map in general.

de_dust2: HellRaisers [7:16] LDLC

The second map we would like to be forgotten quicker. The French team on chosen by them de_dust2 showed what can bring courage to their game. SmithZz caught his own wave and controlled the middle alone, sometimes making first frags in the round. He started with AWP, and when the score became 0:12, he allowed himself to run with SCAR, being not less fruitful. The beginning of the map was a mess, but the won fifteenth round (1:14) gave a chance to gain the seven for counter-terrorists and allowed them to avoid a shameful score on de_dust2.

de_cache: HellRaisers [12:16] LDLC

On the third and as it turned out the last map, the French team started very quickly, they took control over the score, playing for a weaker side. Everything fell from the hands of HellRaisers, absolute bullets did not reach their targets, many tactical mistakes took place, and Happy&Co continued their fun. As a result, the score was 4:11 to the middle of the match and everything was already clearified.

But HellRaisers tried to use small chances, which sometimes appeared in not perfect actions of LDLC. Nicely (with knife!) HellRaisers finished a pistol round and managed to win the first eco-round of the opponent.

At the score of 10:13 Flamie won a nice clutch 1vs3. After that the French team economy ruined and a chance to hook to the map appeared, but it did not happen: eco-round from LDLC appeared to be too hard for our guys, who having a little more tortured the rival, finally lost in sixteen round and gave up the victory on G2A December Cup.

Silver medals, $3,000 and a serious lesson from the French Grand, which is still gaining optimal conditions is a result of today. We hope that HellRaisers would recover regular training schedule and will get back to their level of play in the nearest future.

We can see our guys in fight soon: first in online-part of SLTV StarSeries, and at the end of January at Finnish LAN-tournament ASUS ROG Winter 2015.

Cheer for HellRaisers!