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HellRaisers – winners of DAC 2015 EU!

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The final battle we began with advantage on one map, because we went through the upper bracket without defeats. Once again we met PowerRangers, with whom we played an incredibly beautiful match. So, it was possible to say then, that one more beautiful DOTA match awaited for the viewers.

Map one
(watch the match record)


HellRaisers started game quite well — on first seconds they did «first blood» and managed to avoid free farming of enemy’s Anti-Mage. Also we would like to note a great play of our team «supporters», who constantly were making troubles for PowerRangers on all parts of the map. Generally, entire fight went under the banner of spectacular fights and gangs, where HellRaisers showed a very harmonious game. In the midst of the battle Dread&Co made some mistakes, which spoiled a bit their confident pace, but anyway they were not critical and did not turned the team away from the victorious route — 2:0.


Map two
(Watch the match record)


For the second game HellRaisers take a set of Tiny+Wisp, with which they already showed themselves against PR in the final of the upper bracket. We managed to win hardly then. Unfortunately, this time game went under the dictation of PowerRangers. Our guys made a lot of mistakes and sometimes were silly giving themselves up into the enemy’s hands. Once, we managed to shake a steady opponents’ DOTA and it seemed that victory is already nearby, but then again – many mistakes and PR takes this map to their asset — 2:1.


Map three
(Watch the match record)

Recovered after an intense game, teams again came to the battlefield. From the very beginning HellRaisers’ game went wrong – once again many mistakes took place and they made our team to surrender on 15th minute.



Map four
(Watch the match record)


The last game, as it was predicted, went in a great tension. Nobody wanted to risk, even if it would be beneficial. However, somebody had to stumble at some point and fortunately for us, this team was PowerRangers.



Thus, HellRaisers passed away Wildcard-qualifiers at once rushing into the final stage of Dota 2 Asia Championship, which will take place in Shanghai. Thank you for support that you do for our team, it plays a main role in all successes of HR. Stay with us and cheer for HellRaisers!