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HellRaisers vs LDLC. Preview – 19:00 СЕТ

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The strongest teams of Europe are waking up from their winter sleep. Day by day there more interesting matches playing. Semi-finals of G2A December Cup by FACEIT were the first serious official game for teams in this new year, both teams-participants of today’s match started their January on major note. More details of that tournament here – in our report.

Despite the fact that LDLC were at their vacations (December, 21 – January, 7), in the first match of new year they showed a very confident play: they destroyed new roster of mousesports, not leaving for them any chances and proving their superiority on three maps: 16:12, 16:11, 16:4.

Winners of Dreamhack Winter 2014 have months of hard trainings. After summer-winter reshuffles at French scene these guys stood out as clear favorites in their own country, and proved themselves after VAC-scandal with participation of KQLY and Sf. Series of bans passed aside of the team and their roster was good enough to win in one of three major tournaments of 2014.

In 2015 LDLC have all the chances to continue their victorious march and to win several new trophies. They confidently strengthened their positions among three best teams of the world and they are considered as main favorites of any tournament, including G2A December Cup. Coefficients on the main bookmaker sites unanimously declare advantage of LDLC in duel with HR.

The history of confrontation between two teams is very poor. With current rosters these teams have met only twice and those were online games. On September, 22 HellRaisers lost 13:16 (de_dust2) within SLTV StarSeries XI, and after a week the French team overcame our guys at FACEIT League EU Season 2 – 21:18 on de_overpass. Teams have never met neither on LANs nor in the finals of major online-tournaments.

The main feature of LDLC’s style is their ability to open up individually in a very special moment. Team has a series of unlucky rounds? No problem, 'shoxie' makes his «minus four» and wins an important round. Is it needed to win a match point for team’s economy not to suffer? No problem, 'NBK' will take care of that with his gun! This, seemingly banal factor, is a powerful weapon of the French team. All five players have something like a killer instinct; time after time, somebody of them catches his wave and brings victory for the team.

This match HellRaisers will play with a replacement. Yegor «Flamie» Vasiliev will play instead of Emil «kUcheR» Akhundov as a main «stand-in». There is no better candidate. Remember, how Flamie, playing as «stand-in» of dAT team at European qualifiers for ESL One Cologne, showed to the entire world his fantastic aiming? From that time, B1ad3&Co invited this guy as main player in roster on a constant basis. It was a correct decision. We saw him in the day’s before yesterday match against HellRaisers and he proved himself well, especially on the last map – de_mirage. In despite that his team lost, he showed the best result on the number of frags anyway.

HellRaisers have to refuse their usual tactical arsenal and that will be an unexpected surprise for LDLC, who during the game must get used to the new, more mixed and free style of HR. In case if these features will be used correctly and HellRaisers will be well-prepared for the French team, there are very good chances for HR’s victory! Our guys do not concede in individual skill and gaming sense and in some moments even superior to their French vis-a-vis.

HellRaisers have an advantage over the French team on de_nuke и de_mirage maps, while LDLC on paper looks stronger on de_dust2 and de_inferno. Both teams rarely demonstrate on public their play on de_season and play well on two new maps — de_cache and de_overpass. A key moment of bo5-series will surely be one of two these maps, therefore in case the affair will be led to the fifth map, it will be the best show we have ever seen!

Do not miss it! Sunday, January, 11, at 19:00 СЕТ (20:00 Kiev time, 21:00 Moscow time). The final of G2A December Cup by FACEIT. More details – in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!