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HellRaisers vs dAT: match preview

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Within semi-finals of G2A and FACIT online tournament, HellRaisers will play against dAT team. You can find more details – in our report.

dAT team roster consist of excellent players, two of them are former players of HellRaisers. There no secrets can have HellRaisers with this team, therefore the match can be won only by individual skill. To do that will be a bit hard, because for “dATs” play excellent aimers – bondik, Flamie, AdreN, one of the most "explosive" sniper of modern CS:GO – WorldEdit and, certainly, a well known “mastermind” –   Andrew «B1ad3» Gorodensky.

As you may remember, he was the sixth player and HellRaisers’ coach at Dreamhack Winter. He was in charge of tactical preparations for the team, planning of training process and in-game co-ordination. Despite the fact that after the Swedish tournament Gorodensky finished his cooperation with HR, he knows everything about HR from inside.

…And that is not the only difficulty, which will be met by our guys in that battle. The match will be held on five maps, i.e. under Best of Five rules. There are strongest maps in the map pool – ‘inferno’, ‘nuke’. HellRaisers considered as favorites at ‘overpass’, ‘dust2’ and ‘cache’ maps, but at ‘season’ and ‘mirage’ it is hard to predict a winner.

Matches of teams held with current rosters

10.12.14 – ESWC 2014 UA Qualification:

 HellRaisers [3:2]  dAT (11:16 @cache, 13:16 @nuke, 16:7 @overpass, 22:20 @mirage)

09.18.14 – Game Show League:

 HellRaisers [16:12]  dAT @mirage

Remember that drama at Ukrainian open qualifiers for ESWC 2014? HellRaisers lost first two maps then (though they had an advantage of one map due to proceeding through the upper bracket), and after all they won on ‘de_mirage’ six match points before finishing that match to their favor and winning a permit for the French LAN tournament.

It was clear from that point, that dAT team is a very complicated opponent for ANGE1&Co. So, now, after three months, «dATs» have a chance for revenge. Following results of their last matches (all of them held in 2014), B1ad3 seriously intended to bring his team to the highest level. For instance, their win over Epsilon in quarter-finals of G2A Faceit December Cup was devastating. For two maps the Ukrainian-Russian-Kazakh team allowed the French team to win nine round in total (16:3, 16:6)! Moreover, at the end of 2014 guys triumphed on CIS Rising online tournament, overplaying Nostalgie team in the final, and also destroyed ESC Gaming in struggle for the slot in SLTV StarSeries XII – 14:16, 16:1, 16:6. 

For both teams the eSports year starts particularly from this match. Teams are gradually starting training process, recovering gaming shape, gained in December. HellRaisers considered as a favorite for this match, they never lost to this roster of dAT, however those wins could not be called as easy ones. First two times luck was at the side of HR, on which side will it be this time?

Follow our report on this tournament, do not miss a CIS derby: HellRaisers vs dAT team on January, 8 at 21:00 CET (22:00 Kiev time). Cheers for HellRaisers!