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“Per aspera ad astra” (HR in 2014: part 2)

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This is the second part of the article. You can read first here.

In August our organization was replenished also with Dota 2 roster, where were presented famous players: ArtStyle and Dread. After that HellRaisers with confidence can be called as multigaming.

GameShow League Season 1 (September, 11-13)

At the start, results of our guys were not good. At GSL in Moscow they performed not so successfully (one positive moment was their win over future winners of the tournament) and this fact forced the team to do some shifts. AlohaDance left the roster. With renewed line-up HR were stopped in one step from the pedestal at another LAN – Excellent Moscow Cup.

After such a start it was decided to reduce the pace. HR.Dota 2 went for long into the shadows in order to shine with a triple force in December.

Game Show League CS:GO Finals (October, 2-5)

The first test for the young talent s1mple was Moscow LAN-tournament, where except our team, were Virtus.pro, Natus Vincere and MyXMG. The tournament began with game against the Danish team, who looked even more confident since our last meeting, but anyway they did not manage to win. A Stumbling block for our team again become "Born to Win", who overplayed our guys not only in final of the upper bracket, but also in the Grand-final.

Generally, that match was the most intense in the opposition history of two strongest teams at former Soviet space. Na`Vi, having and advantage of 1 map in bo5-series, did not manage to quickly finish the game. So, that match went to the last map, where Na`Vi boys proved their small advantage. We made a nice video report regarding that travel. Enjoy watching it!

CIS-qualifiers for ESWC 2014

There are many teams from the former Soviet space applied for a single quota to French world championship. There were no worthy opponents for HellRaisers, who were an unconditional  favorites of those qualifiers. Up to the Grand-final, which held as a teleconference between two major eSports platforms of Ukraine and Russia, everything went well for HellRaisers with destruction of opponents.

But in the Grand-final, ASUS CyberZone team (a.k.a dAT team) nearly deprived our guys from the travel to Paris. Unexpectedly, the tense opposition might turn to a sensation: during the game markeloff&Co played six match points! But in the end everything turned well.

ESWC 2014 (October, 29 – November, 2)

Our guys went to France. Due to some Regulations of the tournament, in the group stage we had to play five matches. At this stage HellRaisers showed again their best sides: after matches against HR, such respected teams as Titan and NiP sat at the loser bench. Ninjas even gone outside playoffs and it first happened to them in history!

But in semi-finals we had fnatic team as an opponent. It was like a wounded beast (Swedes lost to Na`Vi in the group) snatched on HellRaisers. 16:10, 16:11 — and «fanatics» knock our team out of the tournament.

Dreamhack Winter 2014 (November, 28 – December, 1)

The final chord of the year was a trip to Jonkoping. Another $250,000 tournament held there. In the first day of the tournament, our guys became almost a main sensation. Not only that, they left the quartet competition where they opposed to the strongest teams of Sweden and USA, they also managed to do it from the first place! The win over fnatic, who won four LAN-tournaments in a row before DH, was a main surprise of the first gaming day of the championship. Watch this video and you will understand everything yourselves.


Although in the first playoff round HellRaisers suffered a fiasco NiP and said good bye to the tournament, we surely may call this performance as worthy. After Swedish trip, our guys went for long vacation and will be back only in the next year. All wins and defeats, joys and sorrows, emotions and memories will remain in 2014.

December – the month of HR.Dota 2

As a result of leapfrog with the roster on most popular MOBA-discipline, it was decided in addition to experienced player Dread to take already existing team. Four ex-players of Kompas Gaming joined HellRaisers, and this gave them a new life.

The results were not long in coming: team won in a row of online-tournaments (JoinDota Masters, Esportal Dota 2 Qual, GIGABYTE Challenge #11), and guaranteed a place in the LAN-finals of SLTV StarSeries together with VP.Polar, Empire, Lajons and others.

Not only listed results cause a great sympathy of the fans, but the style of the team, which professes aggressive and teamplay philosophy. “Lions” (another good name for the team from devoted fans) are trying to suit to this noble image and never give up, even if the situation on the map seems fatal.

In the New Year, many new tests await for new HR roster and we hope that with support of the fans they will complete their way with honor and pride, pleasing the fans with beautiful play and steady results. It is not possible to reach the top without a help from the fans. Therefore, we ask you not to forget to do the most important thing in 2015 — cheer for HellRaisers!