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“Per aspera ad astra” (HR in 2014: part 1)

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In anticipation of EMS One Katowice players and staff of the team decided to return a well-forgotten name of HellRaisers, with which ANGE1, Markeloff and others made their names in CS 1.6 world. Such a decision added in motivation and forced the team to work with developing own name.

EMS One Katowice 2014 (March, 13-16)

Polish tournament with prize pool of $250,000 was the first in history of the new HellRaisers. In group stage, we opposed to not-easy-to-beat rivals. HellRaisers were considered as a team, which seemed unlikely to afford coming into the playoffs, however, in reality everything turned another way. The host of tournament and future winners Virtus.pro came into the playoffs, and for the second place burst incredible struggle between our team and the French team Titan (shox, NBK, SmithZz, Ex6TenZ и ScreaM), who were in excellent gaming shape. The game at one single map, which decided a destiny of the match, ended with score of 16:14 in advantage of our guys! HR fans will remember a bright victory in tense match against «titans» for a long time.


Dreamhack Summer 2014 (June, 14-16)

After a long break, which was accompanied by not successful performances at different online-tournaments, our team went to Sweden, at summer tournament of Dreamhack series. Except us, this championship was attended by a set of the strong fives. In the group, we met Titan again. This time to win was a bit easier for HellRaisers, however the French team came ot of the group from the second place, just after us.

In the playoff our team proved that it has a great power. Guys won semifinals against Swedes from SK, but at the next stage were stopped by their compatriots. A tense and long game against Ninjas in Pyjamas ended in favor of repeated world champions and our guys could only be satisfied with only 3-4 places.


Dreamhack Valencia 2014 (July, 17-20)

A month later, HellRaisers once again went to Dreamhack, which this time held not in Sweden, but in Spanish city Valencia. Beautiful weather, nice prize money and several top rivals — that’s how we can shortly characterize this tournament. There are two French giants came to Spain then — Epsilon и LDLC. HellRaisers without any problems won in the group, local teams could not compete to ANGE1, who even managed not to die in one of the games!

In semi-finals our guys had to break the resistance of Epsilon – team, where shoxie shone, who  was in excellent individual gaming shape. The match went to the third map, where HellRaisers were defeated and will not forget that for a long time. This "dashing" Frenchman and his faithful workmates won on the decisive card with the score 16:0 and shocked not only players and fans of HellRaisers, but also all CS:GO-community. Though the tournament for HellRaisers due to their win in the match for the third place finished on the major note, it could not be considered as a successful anyhow.


ESL One Cologne 2014 (August, 14-17)

Due to coming into the playoffs at previous major event (EMS One Katowice), our team without qualifiers came to the group stage of the next, which is the third in history, tournament on CS:GO with prize pool of $250,000. Once again the draw gave us not an easy group. We have had two least favorite opponents: first of them – French team Epsilon, which are forcing to remember 16:0 at Dreamhack in July. In Koln our guys once again lost to shoxie&Co, but this time 16:1.

The destiny of coming out of the group decided in match against Ninjas in Pyjamas. This tournament the Swedish team approached with not an excellent gaming shape. Many predicted their soon leaving, even at the group stage. But HellRaisers could not manage to kill «ninja», who at the end become a winners of whole tournament. But HR first in history of their performance were overboard of the playoffs in the quarter-million tournament.

SLTV StarSeries X Finals (August, 30-31)
After a long break, HellRaisers showed to the audience in Kievs Cybersport Arena.Within the LAN-finals of X season of Star Series, the training camp of the team (precisely here HellRaisers do all their bootcamps) became a place of holding the international tournament.
But no any advantage our guys could get from this. Losing two times to Natus Vincere team, first in the upper and then in the lower grid, HellRaisers were placed only the third. The win over not well known Danish team myXMG was a weak consolation. However, during online-part and LAN-final there is a huge collection of beautiful moments performed by HR players, and all real fans should see those.

After tournament in Kiev, the team decided to make some cardinal changes. As a result Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev left the team, and was replaced by the young and unknown in CS:GO community worldwide, the guy, who attended a couple serious LAN-tournaments — Alexander «s1mple» Kostylev. Such a decision was kind of va-bank, because nobody could guarantee, that Sasha would be revealed at full and bring something new to the team.

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