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Dosia: “We will look for golden mean”

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Several days ago on our site, there was an opportunity to each fan to ask a question to  Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov on this page. After a while, Misha answered the most interesting questions. Enjoy!

waka2281: Would you come back to CS 1.6, in case if it would become an eSports discipline?
Dosia: I don’t think I would return to the old game. For me it became outdated and I couldn't play it at least because of graphics and dynamics of game. CS:GO is better for me.

Nickelodeon1337: For how long did you master firing in CS:GO? And how you did it?
Dosia: In the very beginning game was very crude and surely I had not a great desire toplay, but when I started playing for a couple of weeks, I’ve become addicted to it. Playing CS:GO  for a month was enough for me to understand everything what happens in the game.

looper: Would you like for tpUsports team to come back?
Dosia: I have great memories related to this team and if it would be possible, I would go wih those guys all the way through with pleasure again.

HR_THE_BEST: Misha, have you had a thought to take B1ad3 as a resident coordinator?
Dosia: We have had such thoughts, but B1ad3 has his own team, he was a coordinator for one tournament and refused to continue our cooperation.

LOONEY: Do you visit Ufa often lately?
Dosia: I visit Ufa rather rarely lately, I do not live there for 5-6 years already and visit it 2-3 times a year.

Mrakz0r: Dosia, please tell us what do you think about (almost) new player – s1mple: how he fits the team not only as a player, but also as a person?
Dosia: s1mple excellently fits our game, generally in any team sniper will bring a lot of benefits. As a person, Sasha is sociable and kind, but there some moments, when his youth plays in his blood, but we handle that. In fact, he is an ordinary guy with whom it is pleasant to communicate and who would always help if needed.

thedanon7880: Mikhail, do you spend time with the team not during training or tournaments? Do you have any problems in communication within the team?
Dosia: I don’t have such problems with anybody, I cannot even remember any through the whole my career. We do not spend our time together not during tournaments or trainings, because we all from different cities, but when we have a bootcamp, we are together almost 24/7.

BarboskiH: What is the next tournament, which is of most importance to you?
Dosia: We apply not to so many tournaments, the most important ones are EMS Katowice and Dreamhacks, so we will give more time to train especially for these tournaments? But we never forget also about online-tournaments such as StarLadder.

LeftGamer: Dosia, what do you think of KQLY?
Dosia: I don’t know him and have not communicate with him ever, he is banned and let it pass.

Mans: How did you start to play CS? Who have you played with back in Ufa?
Dosia: As most of the players, who started back in the 2000s, we began at computer club. Players, who I have played with then are: anubis, Ray, t0:t0:, dober and many more.

LeftGamer: Have you tried yourself with another eSports games?

Dosia: Nope, I was always satisfied with this gaming discipline and still it suits me.  I think, to change something that you like and you good at – is too silly.

TonyHD: Dosia, what is your favorite weapon? How do you adjust yourself for the game?

Dosia: My favorite weapon is ak47. I do my adjustments for the game by listening to pleasant music and by thinking of upcoming game, opponent and what to do.

TonyHD: How do you train?

Dosia: I rarely play AIM or DM, may be only at the time, when I have nothing to do. I play surf-maps and pracs with the team.

TonyHD: What music do you prefer? What is your favorite mouse model?
Dosia: I am not a specific music style liker, I listen to everything, except heavy metal. Regarding mouse… I used to lie playing with MS 3.0, probably it will remain my favorite one, but it unfortunately concedes in variety of characteristics to modern mouse manipulators.


arrm1-: Mikhail, what are your plans concerning attending of tournaments in 2015: whether you try to attend more LANs together with online leagues or concentrate on major events only?

Dosia: I think we will look for golden mean. We will play as many tournaments and online leagues as it will not disturb our preparations for major ones.

daniluk12344: Misha, I always wanted to ask, why did you lose to NiP at Dreamhack, even overplaying fnatic in top1 of the group? Are you afraid of Ninjas?
Dosia: My personal opinion is that we lost because of bringing minimum creativity in the game. It is needed to surprise such team all the time, to show some features.

TARANTIN: You were going to make a fan-meeting in Perm, but you did not. Are you going ever to complete the planned?

Dosia: Fairly saying, I have a lack of time for that, if anybody from Perm has a desire to do that, write me or in my vk.com group in order to gather people to think up what to do next.

jeny133: Misha, how did the year go in general for you?
Dosia: From the gaming side this year passed for us badly, of course. It seemed that we were falling down, and we thought it was no space below to continue falling, but it was! Up to the end of the year w amanged to recover and to look better, so we will wait for the next year coming and surely we want victories!


Dosia: Dear friends, I congratulate you with forthcoming New Year Eve, I wish you happiness, love and surely health. Thanks for your questions!