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SLTV Star Series XI: Battle for Kiev

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The young roster of HellRaisers proved by its deeds that worthy to be in the four of the best teams of European STARLADDER division. We showed many times our will to victory and always fought until the very end. Yes, we have had some annoying mistakes, but without them our progress might not be possible.

We began the season well, surprising many of our spectators and supporting our fans’ faith. Unfortunately, we could not manage to overplay such teams as  Na’Vi and  Team Secret, but even in the matches against them, we showed a worthy game. Couple of mistakes in games with less frightening opponents shook our tournament situation and thus we created a lot of problems for ourselves.

Nevertheless, despite the huge pressure and responsibility, guys didn't tremble and presented us an effective finishing point in the online part of the season.

But it was not enough. A real drama for the permit to the LAN final inflamed between six teams. It was not clear who goes to Kiev until the end of the regular part. Finally, the best of all were Empire and Lajons, who guaranteed for themselves 2 slots in finals and for the other two will fight  Team Secret,  HellRaisers and  Virtus.pro Polar. Let’s wish a good luck to our guys!

Saturday, December 27 :

Match #1: 15:00 UTC —  VP.Polar vs  HellRaisers, Best of 1
Match #2: 16:15 UTC — Loser of match #1 vs  Secret, Best of 1
Match #3: 17:30 UTC — Winner of match #1 vs  Secret, Best of 1

In case of a tie, time-ratings are considered — "time for defeat" is reduced from "time of victory". The main goal is to win as much earlier or to lose as much later.