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HellRaisers are placed the sixth in hltv.org world ranking

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From time to time in the most popular eSports website hltv.org appear rankings of the strongest fives of the planet, which formed basing on criterias created by website authors. Up to the end of the year there published a renewed ranking version of top world teams on CS:GO, where HellRaisers obtained the confident sixth place.

Top-10 teams of the world by hltv.org:

1.  fnatic

2.  LDLC

3.  Virtus.pro

4.  Natus Vincere

5.  Ninjas in Pyjamas

6.  HellRaisers

7.  Dignitas


9.  Titan

10.  Cloud 9

Authors of the chart noticed that HellRaisers during a year showed a steadily good level of play and their roster have not seriously changed. To get up to the top did not work because of the fact that HellRaisers have not attended so many LAN-tournament as other teams have in prove of their strength. Analytics also noticed weak and strong sides of our five. Worst of all by their opinion ANGE1&Co manage to reveal their potential in Best of three series at major tournaments, but there always no problem for them to come out of the group.

What the place would you choose for HellRaisers in your own ranking?

Cheer for HellRaisers!