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Proven! ANGE1 – cheater!

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In late November, we announced a contest for the best detective. The task was not so complicated (as it turned out) – to find 10 suspicious moments in the demos of pro-players and it was easy for many participants.

During almost a whole month in hunt for hundred bucks and tee-shirt of HellRaisers, applicants spent tenths of hours to study in details every move of Kirill "ANGE1" Karasev on his demos. With common work were found many suspicious moments, fantastic aimings through walls and shootings over smoke. 

We would like to select excellent works of Dragon_VV, nevzebenny, Ratzrule, IamPOOFA, stefunymad and Gambit! Thanks for your efforts and spending time for that. But best of all coped with the task our fan from Finland –  jehu. His three-minute video was so convincing, that forced to doubt in the captain even some players of the team.:)

We congratulate jehu! Winner will receive promised $100 and a tee-shirt, but the reputation of ANGE1 seems to be destroyed forever…