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HellRaisers overcame Swedes from AliGoN

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The game against Swedish mix AliGoN opened a way for our team on online tournament G2A December Cup by FACEIT. Scandinavians obtained the right to participate in this tournament due to their win in open qualifiers. More detailed info about these guys you can get from our preview of this match. About the tournament itself – in our report.

Map one: de_inferno – 16:8

In "hell" our guys began for a stronger side – specops. Nice three minuses made s1mple in pistol round, quickly sneaking to the back of the opponents, who were coming to the B point. In eco-rounds of the opponent, there no any problem appeared and HellRaisers went ahead with the score of 3:0. In first arms’ round, Swedes were completely destroyed, trying to come to the "edges". kUcheR even killed one enemy with his knife. 5:0 is an excellent start.

Swedes managed to take the first round only in the sixth two-minute. Positional mistakes of the Ukrainians allowed "vikings" to get an advantage in number and then to lead the affair to its end. In a similar manner, using our mistakes, AliGoN won the next round and then HR’s economy broke down and they forced to play eco-round. It was not already so funny – 5:3.

After making all purchases, our guys started to play a bit more serious: there were less spontaneous arcades, and defense became closed. Swedes time after time tried to break the B point, often putting a bomb, but to win the round they managed only from their fifth try – 9:4. No more successful attacks were completed by Swedes later too – 11:4.

AliGoN confidently won pistol round, and HR made a rare decision of not to buy anything in the second round in order to make a huge purchase in the third one, for 3.000-3.500. This plan worked well, the Swedish team did not manage to organize a serious series of replies – 12:6. 

We did not see any serious defense preparations from Scandinavian team. ANGE1&Co quickly and easily found a key for defending redoubts of AliGoN. Score of the first map – 16:8.

Map two: de_cache – 5:16

HellRaisers again won a knife round and it allowed them to start the map for a stronger side. However, losing in pistol round and first arms’ one, put our team in unpleasant situation – 0:5.

Our guys hardly managed to take one round for defense. They did it at the score of 0:7. Too late. Only a series of successful actions would allow rescuing the half. But after two in a row won rounds, spec-ops again began to suffer crash. Swedes competently caught their opponents on mistakes and that allowed them to win 10 rounds for terrorists!

And it was not all… Last three rounds of the first half also gone to AliGoN. HellRaisers’ defense looked insecure, toothless and not confident. Lost pistol round in attack reduced to zero illusive hopes for comeback on de_cache. Having a little tortured the rival, Dosia&Co finally conceded 5:16.

Map three: de_nuke – 16:11

HellRaisers traditionally began for a strongest side. Hardly won pistol round showed that AliGoN has homemade tactical preparations and an easy walk will not work. However, our guys managed to take first three rounds, and after that, they started slipping. Economy of HR broke down and the score evened – 3:3.

After a while, HellRaisers switched a high concentration mode on and began to win one round after another, gradually strengthening own economy and destroying the enemy – 9:3. In the last round, ANGE1 excellently managed the lower plant. First half ended with an acceptable score for our guys – 11:4.

In pistol round the most important clutch 1vs1, when the bomb was already planted, in performance of Emil "kUcheR" Akhundov, gave us a sigh of relief – 12:4. In the first arms’ round, inhabitant of Crimea trapped into the same situation and this time he did not fail again! – 14:4. The next eco-round led HR to 11 match points – 15:4.

The putting an end to this match was not immediately apparent. Swedes gained 11 rounds to their asset, but later they missed a straight attack on ramps. Final score – 16:11, in terms of maps – 2:1.

Generally, game went not so easily as it should. The reason of this is lack of gaming practice, our team was bad on de_cache for counter-terrorists. But the opponent, who played with a replacement, could not fully take advantage of the situation and win the match: whether because of bad luck, or due to lack of class. Anyway, this match is not indicative and it is hard to judge with it on real teams’ gaming level.

HellRaisers won their single December official match. We will see our guys in action only in 2015. More details about G2A December Cup can be found in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!