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Match of the day: HellRaisers vs AliGoN

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Thursday night, our team will play the first and only December official match. The rival of our guys will be the impudent Swedish team AliGoN, who are spending their vacation at the moment. We will try to tell more about our opponent and to estimate chances for success of both teams.

More detailed report from G2A December Cup by FACEIT I available here.

18.12, 21:00 СЕТ HellRaisers [vs]  AliGoN @bo3

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, s1mple, Dosia, markeloff, kUcheR
 AliGoN: dalito, rape, xelos, makkeP, khobra

The roster of these Swedes at first look seems to be not so weak. All people under the banner of AliGoN are tested warriors in online and LAN games, who will not for the first time oppose to such a strong rival as HellRaisers.

 Xelos is the main star of the roster. This person has attended a number of major tournaments in rosters of SK Gaming, Lemondogs, Publiclir.se, WRTT. His greatest achievement is getting into the quarterfinals of Dreamhack Summer 2014 as a member of Lemondogs. Together with SK he visited LAN-finals of MSI Beat it! 2013 (see picture) and Dreamhack Winter 2013 – the first tournament with prize pool of $250,000. This guy knows for sure how to play CS:GO and the underestimation here may lead to fatal results.

 Khobra – old teammate of xelos, with whom he attended a row of championships under the banner of  AliGoN, and synchronically left Lemondogs. From that time, these two players are stick to each other, train and gather other talented players around themselves.

There is another pair of «vikings» –  dalito and  rape. These two guys first showed themselves at professional scene in one of the oldest rosters of Refuse organization. At DH Summer 2013 they played not so successfully in their group, losing to NiP and Publiclir.se. Since then there were no serious achievements of them, except their participation in Copenhagen Games 2014 as Lemondogs. But, anyway they are considered as one of the famous Swedish players and that speaks for itself.

As fifth in today’s roster of AliGoN palys young  makkeP, he still not well-known player, for whom this team is a first serious team. It tells us, that he is full of motivation to show a high level of play together with more experienced teammates.

On their way to HellRaisers, the Swedish team had to win in open qualifiers, in which more than two hundred teams participated! They won all their matches and overplayed Ukrainians from A-Gaming in the final. It is worth of noting that at earlier stages AliGoN easily overplayed compatriots from ggrabb, dope and others.
We asked one of the players of A-Gaming,  Sergei "smike" Skliarenko to share with his impressions about game against this team:

"Every one of them shoots clearly, guys came from CS 1.6 scene, three of them many times had played in different tournaments of Dreamhack series in Sweden from old times of CS 1.6. It is hard to tell anything about their strongest maps, because we played against them only on de_inferno. Their game reminds a regular mix”. Whether it is a team that recently gathered, or it is just a mix. I think, they are not real competitors to HR."

It is very hard to predict how the match against these Swedes will go. The fact that at present moment HellRaisers are at their vacation now and have not been training for a long period of time, makes the chances for victory of both teams to be equal. In case if our guys would gather all strength to show a high level play as it was at DH Winter, AliGoN will be destroyed. It is important not to allow Scandinavians to catch their own wave, because it can get out sideways.

The advantage of HellRaisers is in the Regulations of the tournament: matches will be played as Best of Three. Match will go until the win on two maps — it will secure from accidents and reveal the real winner.

The opposition of HellRaisers and AliGoN starts December 18th at 22:00 Kiev time! All the details can be found in our report.

Do not miss the opportunity to see HellRaisers in action! This December possibility will not be presented anymore. Cheer for HellRaisers!