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HellRaisers finished second on G2A December Cup

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The New Year Eve is very close and it means that in the world of eSports an off-season time is coming. Most of teams do not plan to participate in many tournaments in December therefore interesting championships become rare. In the last month of the year, you will see HellRaisers playing only once – at online tournament G2A December Cup Powered by FACEIT.

HellRaisers together with seven famous European teams will take part in the race for $10,000. Anyone will have no right for mistake there, because all teams are in the Single Elimination grid and most of the matches will be played on three or five maps! Even in the off-season period, there is a chance to see an incredible game with participation of strong teams. 

Check out our preview to match against dAT team here!

Prize pool

1 place – $5,000 ( LDLC)
2 place – $3,000 ( HellRaisers)
3-4 place – $1,000 ( dAT team,  mousesports)

Play-off bracket

Time is mentioned as СЕТ (+1 for Kiev, +2 for Moscow)

  LDLC [2]              

 16:09 @dust2
 16:11 @overpass

 LDLC [3]          
  3DMAX [0]

 16:12 @inferno
 16:11 @dust2
 16:04 @overpass

      LDLC [3]      
  Flipsid3 [0]        

 14:16 @mirage
 13:16 @cache

  mousesports [0]      
  mouz [2]  

 16:10 @nuke
 16:07 @dust2
 16:12 @cache

  Epsilon [0]          

 3:16 @inferno

 6:16 @overpass

  dAT team [2]        
 16:11 @cache
 10:16 @nuke
 09:16 @overpass
 16:06 @inferno
 11:16 @mirage
  dAT team [2]      
      HellRaisers [0]    
  AliGoN [1]          
 08:16 @inferno
 16:05 @cache
 11:16 @nuke
  HellRaisers [3]        
  HellRaisers [2]            

Mappool: dust2, inferno, mirage, nuke, cache, overpass, season

Team rosters:

  Hellraisers: markeloff, Dosia, s1mple, kucheR, ANGE1 
  dAT Team: AdreN, flamie, B1ad3, bondik, WorldEdit 
  LDLC: shox, NBK, SmithZz, Happy, kioShiMa 
  Epsilon: GMX, Uzzziii, ScreaM, fxy0, B1GGY 
  3DMAX: natu, KHRN, REFLEX, xartE, disturbed
 mousesports: chrisJ, LEGIJA, tabseN, allu, gob b
  FlipSid3: twist, schneider, berg, Dumas, BENDJI 
 AliGoN: makkeP, xelos, khobra, rape, dalito