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GIGABYTE Challenge #11: HellRaisers.Dota — champions!

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In the last regular GIGABYTE Challenge tournament, where the prize pool was traditionally €2.000, we where dropped out at the semi-finals stage then, conceding to the Empire team. But this time HellRaisers were adjusted to take a revenge and to win in this tournament!

Their entire tournament’s way HellRaisers spent in tense battles and often were in the balance of the lesion. The only possibility to get some sort of rest was the semi-final match against Complexity, in which we managed to overplay our opponent even suffering large pauses due to DDOS-attacks. By the way, it is worth noting the friendly attitude of Americans who were loyal to such delays.

The final battle was much harder for our team. The beginning of the map was clearly lost, but at some moment, Balkan Bears decided to refuse their attacking action and went for farming to their side. This was a fatal mistake of Balkan Bears, who failed to calculate their forces at the end of the game.

The beginning of the second map HellRaisers got fully under their control, but then followed a series of silly mistakes that have been successfully used by opponents. Only in the midst of the game «lions» managed to recover and put a final point in this match!

Videos of the matches:

HellRaisers vs. Complexity: Game 1 (Semi-final)
HellRaisers vs. Balkan Bears: Game 1 | Game 2 (Final)

1 place: HellRaisers 1 500 €
2 place: BBC – 500 €
3/4 place: DT / coL