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HellRaisers will participate in SLTV StarSeries 12

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Our team always approaches with a great responsibility all performances at tournaments, which hold in the former Soviet space. Starladder.tv announced a 12th season of Star Series on CS:GO, on which HellRaisers were invited!

In this tournament of SLTV StarSeries, many new thingswill appear: the prize pool will be doubled, number of teams at LAN-finals will be increased to six and many other cosmetic changes will be in the map list and in the regulations. We can fairly say that an interesting tournament is waiting for us.

16 participants are divided on two equal sub-groups. Our team will have to fight seven matches: one match against each opponent of the eight. Two strongest teams of each group will get a permit for LAN-finals and two last participants will be determined by the results of play-offs between teams, which occupy places from 3rd to 7th

Map pool of the tournament also have been changed: instead of de_season there will be a de_cobblestone in this SLTV season. The final map pool will look as follows: dust2, nuke, inferno, mirage, cache, overpass, cobblestone.

Participants list:

1.  HellRaisers

2.  LDLC

3.  Epsilon

4.  Copenhagen Wolves

5.  97club


7.  Gplay.bg

8.  x6tence

8 more teams will be announced later.

The prize pool, for which teams will play is significantly increased. Now participants of Star Series will have much more motivation to show themselves in Online-part in order to get a permit for the $50,000 fight.

1 place: $18,000 + $2,000 travel support
2 place: $9,000 + $2,000 travel support
3 place: $5,000 + $2,000 travel support
4 place: $3,000 + $2,000 travel support
5 place: $1,500 + $2,000 travel support
6 place: $1,500 + $2,000 travel support

Full report with all needed information about the tournament together with schedule of the matches you will find soon on our website soon. Cheer for HellRaisers!