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HellRaisers are the seventh in December rating of CS:GO

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Thorin is famous British journalist, who often receives invitations from organizers of major LAN-tournaments to perform as a commentator in the analytics’ studio. Shields excellently understands all the trends of modern CS:GO-scene, often looking at it through the prism of historical events.

The islander traditionally publishes materials, from which he forms a rating of the strongest CS:GO-fives of the planet for today. Anticipating of Dreamhack Winter 2014, the expert assigned HellRaisers a ninth place in his list, however in the published at goldper10.com December chart, our team rose by two lines up.

The result of this growth was the successful performance at DH Winter: our guys came out with the first place of the complicated group, in which they left out of work the leader of Thorin’s rating – fnatic. The British emphasized that B1ad3 as "puppeteer" is a finding that makes our team a potentially dangerous opponent for any team.

Rating of CS:GO-teams from Thorin, December 2014:

1.  fnatic
2.  LDLC
3.  Virtus.pro
4.  Natus Vincere
5.  Ninjas in Pyjamas
6.  Dignitas
7.  HellRaisers
8.  Cloud 9
10.  PENTA

Which place would you assign for HellRaisers?