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Results of the contest for a best fan

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Before the start of a major tournament – Dreamhack Winter, we launched a contest between our fans. Using only an inspiration and keyboard, it was needed to show all of your devotion to the HellRaisers.

We were pleasantly surprised with the excitement around this contest, we were amazed with the variety of ways in which you were trying to complete the task, from short slogans to whole poems! Anyway, we chose the winners, which done a good job that our team and staff like a lot. As a prize they all receive tee-shirts our team branded!

We will contact all winners in order for them to receive prizes.

Thanks to all for your participation in our contest! We are sincerely grateful for every comment, we really appreciate your support! Our guys now can always get back to the wishes' page to receive positive emotions!

Cheer for HellRaisers!