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HellRaisers Dota 2: Review of the gaming week

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Last week began from bad news – HellRaisers.Dota had to refuse the participation in Synergy CyberSport League tournament, however this fact could not prevent us to spend the end of November in accelerated tempo.

The gaming week opened match against the Kazakhs from xGame.kz, which played within 11th season of SLTV Star Series. In «Golden Series» everything went well for HellRaisers — three wins and one defeat allowed to stay at the first line of the ranking grid. Certainly, the fight against main «raid bosses» of European Dota-scene still yet to come, but current result was a reason for moral satisfaction.

Match went clear, and the other three points strengthened standings of HellRaisers in the tournament.

View the match here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjZrtmwTCUM

After a small break, HellRaisers once again rushed in on the airs, in particular into Battle of Central Europe tournament. At 1/8 of the upper grid HellRaisers faced a very unpleasant opponent, who several times have made our fans upset — Denial eSports. So, the time has come to take revenge on the lovers of croissants and hot coffee.

The fight was extremely tense. Peaceful looking and kind Frenches in real life appeared to be an «assassins». HellRaisers many times had to get of the complicated situations, where they were put by Denial. A game «on the edge» from time to time forced our fans to get nervous. Fortunately, everything finished with a «happy end» — in two hardest rounds HellRaisers managed to pull out a victory.

View the match here: Game 1 | Game 2

A new large tournament — Esportal Dota 2 League joined DOTA-community on this week, the prize pool of it is €110 000. It was impossible for HellRaisers could not pass by such an event and took part in open qualifiers. Matches at Esportal Dota 2 League filled up the full week of HellRaisers’ calendar. During the tournament HR could not find a worthy opposition — most of the matches were ended in 15-20 minutes. From the other side it would be strange if HellRaisers might have here problems with such opponents.

Successful game not only pleased the fans, but also drove us into the semi-finals. It remained a bit to the desirable permit to the LAN-final and €2500, therefore we will push the acceleration pedal at full in order to get first to the finish line.

During many matches at Esportal Dota 2 League, HellRaisers managed to visit Yard Festival Red. In the final of the lower bracket we had to play against the Belarusians – PowerRangers, who also, like us, could not overcome Virtus.pro Polar.

The first map was totally failed. Belarusians needed only 25 minutes in order to leave HellRasers without a throne and to get ahead. But the next round with HellRaisers’ performance was more qualitative, on the third map we fully answered for all the bitterness of the first defeat.

Link to the match: Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3

Generally the week was very successful and productive. We managed to approach the final stages of several tournaments and to continue our undefeated series. New trials await for us ahead and we hope to overcome them together with you, Cheer for HellRaisers!