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HellRaisers finished their performance at DH Winter

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Today was the last day for HellRaisers on DreamHack Winter 2014. Playing very well at the group stage and overcoming strongest teams of North America (Cloud 9) and Europe (fnatic), our guys placed at the first line in their group. Draw made us play against our eternal opponent, Ninjas in Pyjamas team. The rival was stronger today, overplaying us confidently. NiP have had a great support of the audience and it helped them to catch the courage and keep it until the end of the game.

But the support of HellRaisers was not weaker, though not on the stadium in Jonkoping. We are very grateful to all our fans, who supported us during the tournament, who wrote comments on the website and social networks, who experienced the whole range of emotions together with the team. We do not despair and will try to show ourselves better at next championships!

On his page in VK.com Yegor "markeloff" Markelov wrote an appeal to the fans:

"So, this is it. After such a good performance in group, such an unconfident play in quarterfinals. There are a lot of reasons can be found for it, but, at my opinion, the main of them are: not prepared dust2, audience support of NiP and wonderful play of Swedes themselves. Today they were much stronger, while we played at our 50%. We can do better, much better and it was proven yesterday.

We do not despair, we understand that we started to play much better. The main thing for us is not to repeat old mistakes and eradicate them. Thanks to all, who cheered for us and supported, despite of anything, who do not lose their faith. Fansour everything! Now we can only observe the ongoing tournament and, as for me, cheer for beautiful CS!"

Thank you all, dear friends! Cheer for HellRaisers!