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Draw for DH Winter Play-off revealed

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The first gaming day of Dreamhack Winter 2014 came to an end. Our team progressed to Play-off from the first palce in group stage, a detailed report could be found on our website.

This Thursday gave us a big ammount of positive emotions, our team has shown an outstanding CS:GO, having won the strongest team on Planet, according to the results of the last LAN tournaments.
Comming out of the group – a big achievement, because we got the hardest opponents like fnatic & Cloud 9 after the draw.

Our team members are greatful to fans for their support and we will try to play on Friday as good as we did today.
Don't forget to buy stickers and make your bets in Pick'Em Challenge on our team. In such way you provide not only financial help, but a moral support too, that is more important in this moment!

In our quater-final we got a principled opponent – Ninjas in Pyjamas.
In case of our win – we will face to a winner of Virtus.pro vs. fnatic.
We start our match at 11:00 СЕТ. All details could be found in our report.

1/4 finals Dreamhack Winter 2014:

 HellRaisers –  Ninjas in Pyjamas @bo3
 Virtus.pro –  PENTA @bo3
 LDLC –  fnatic @bo3
 Dignitas –  Natus Vincere @bo3

Root for Hellraisers!