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Prove that ANGE1 is a cheater and get $100!

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Recently, a wave of VAC bans touched upon professional players – they all used forbidden soft. After that, one of the leading players on the team Fnatic flusha, fell under suspicion. Multiply videos, making doubt his honesty, appeared like mushrooms. For example, http://www.hltv.org/forum/684463-flusha-busted

However, there is a perception that such a collection of suspicious moments can be made about any professional player. The main thing just to enable WallHack in the right time. For example, we propose to take the leader of our team and a veteran of the CS-scene Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiow.
He starred in the CIS-teams since 2005, and had appeared to be a winner of international tournaments repeatedly. His reputation as an honest, respectable and principled person can not be doubted.

Therefore, we offer you a small joke-experiment in which you need to «prove» that Kirill is a cheater!

Here's the quest:

1. Find 10 moments where ANGE1 suspiciously aims and kills through walls or smokes (demos available here)
2. Record a video that will include these examples
3. Register at our website: www.HellRaisers.pro
4. Post a link to your video in the comments to this article.

That one, who can convince the independent judicial assembly, will get a reward of $100 and HellRaisers' T-shirt!

The hunt has just begun!