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HellRaisers will participate in online tournament of FACEIT

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After Dreamhack Winter and before the New Year, many teams prefer to have a break from the game, but not HellRaisers. Our team together with six invited teams will fight for $10,000 within the announced today online tournament – FACEIT December European Cup.

The winner will be determined within four days. Eight teams-participants through the sortition will be divided on pairs of quarterfinalists. Those, who win in quarterfinals, will fight the semi-final duels. It is worth to note, that beginning this stage, the matches will be held by Best of Five system, i.e. on five maps, that is very rare and spectacular. Usually, with this carrying-out system the finals look especially bright.

Full list of participants of G2A.com FACEIT December European Cup:

  HellRaisers   dAT team
  Ninjas in Pyjamas   Copenhagen Wolves
  LDLC   Titan
  Epsilon  TBA


The last, eighth participant will be determined in terms of open online qualifiers. 

Tournament schedule:

December, 16-17 – quarterfinals (bo3)
December, 18 – semi-finals (bo5)
December, 19 – final (bo5)

Certainly, we will have the full report from this tournament. Follow us and cheer for HR!