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Match of the week: HellRaisers vs. Virtus.pro Polar

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Match went within a group stage of the third season of Battle of Central Europe. With equal number of points both teams shared the first place in their group and this particular fight should reveal an unconditional leader of the four.

First map: «An equal fight»
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The beginning became promising — up to the third minute, in fact, tavern was visited by five heroes and only at Mid-line the silence reigned in full. In the first ten minutes, teams exchanged players, who stood at complicated lines.

First, who started the serious fight and to move the score on towers – were HellRaisers. From the beginning, it seemed that it was a regular kill of HR’s Necrophos, but his teammates immediately came to help and gorec managed not only to survive, but also with his «ultimate» to switch off an enemy Anti-Mage for a long time. Virtus.pro Polar without a «carry», decided not to rescue their tower at the lower-line and only watched the destruction of the first redoubt of defense.

After that successful attack, our team decided to take the first «Roshan», and the «polar bears» did not expect that, therefore they could not cause any troubles in realizing of this plan.

In general, game went quite equal, but it is difficult to say, that it was boring. There were many interesting fightsat any part of the map, which viewers might like a lot.

The most exiting were the last ten minutes of confrontation, where HellRaisers and Virtus.pro Polar managed to destruct many buildings of each other at «highgrounds». As it often happens — wins the one, who stood the fight 5vs5 and left the opponent without «buybacks». Fortunately, for us HellRaisers won this time.

Second map: «A fatal Black Hole»
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For the second map by some weird reasons, Virtus.pro Polar forced to make a line-up replacement – Resolution from Empire appeared on the battlefield instead of Phobos. Seemed, that it should become an advantage for HellRaisers, but in reality everything turn differently. Particularly Puck, under the control of the legionary from Team Empire became a real headache for HellRaisers.

The game start was in full advantage of the «polar bears». Together with the restless Resolution, they dominated at all lines, rarely allowing themselves to do some mistakes. Due to towers’ destructions HellRaisers tried to hold the stat-graphicssomehow, but it was not enough.

The game under the dictation of Virtus.pro Polar continued until the twenty-seventh minute, when they decided to go for «Roshan». Dread&Co realized, that it is the exact time to start the fight, because a delay might be fatal. In this minute there needed the maximum concentration and clear teamwork. The key hero of the «battle for Roshan» became Enigma, which after an awesome Reverse Polarity from Magnus, annihilated three opponents with a «Black Hole».

After a successful fight, stat-graphics equalized as well as chances for victory. HellRaisers again believed in their strengths and started to impose their conditions to Virtus.pro Polar. The «polar bears» have not been able to oppose our team and finally wrote: «gg wp».

What do you think of this fight?