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HellRaisers found out their opponents at DH Winter 2014

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After two weeks sixteen strongest teams of the planet will fight in Jönköping. Dreamhack Winter 2014 – is already the fourth tournament in history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where teams will fight for quarter of a million dollars as a prize fund.

HellRaisers in the hard struggle obtained the quota for this prestigious championship. Within the online-qualifiers, our team overplayed many famous team. You may read more about this matter on our website.

Today organizers informed about the final team list of upcoming tournament. 16 teams were divided on 4 groups, 4 teams each. Into the play-offs there will pass only two strongest teams of the each four. The favorites will be determined by GSL system, which reminds a Double Elimination grid.
Group A Group  B Group  C Group  D
  Bravado Gaming
  PENTA Sports

  ESC Gaming
  Planetkey Dynamics

10:30 СЕТ Warm-up

12:00 СЕТ Group A.1 –  fnatic vs  Bravado Gaming

13:00 СЕТ Group A.2 –  Cloud9 vs  HellRaisers

14:00 СЕТ Group A.3 – Winner vs. Winner

15:00 СЕТ Group A.4 – Loser vs. Loser

16:00 СЕТ Group A.5 – A.3 Loser vs. A.4. Winner

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Cheer for HellRaisers!