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Match of the week: HellRaisers vs Team Empire

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The confrontation with «imperials» became kind of a comeback for HellRaisers to «big DOTA». After roster refreshing, on the way of HR there were no such a high level opponents, therefore the past match became a first serious test for durability. Whether our players coped with it? Lets find out.

First map: «Magnificent Slark»



Team Empire armed with two aggressive «supports» — Ogre Magi and Vengefeul Spirit. Particularly with their help, «Empire» did a «first blood» on our Rubick. Hesitating of nothing, «Ogre» and «Venga» continued the search for next victim. Anyone, who came on their way, in fact, immediately was sent to the tavern.

First ten minutes of game became a real nightmare for fans and players of HellRaisers. The score became close to disastrous, but in this hard moment for the team, the well-forgotten Slark appeared.

Several minutes ARTES with support of his comrades managed to recoup six kills and… like in real sports – to «sober up» their team. After several successful run-ups, Artes obtained the coveted Shadow Blade, he became even more mobile and more dangerous with that, snatching on opponents in the most improper moment for them.

It seemed that everything was adjusted, but Team Empire quickly enough stopped the rush of HellRaisers and with Necrophos’ Ultimate left our team without Slark for a long time. The score increased in favor of «Empire» — 10:22. It is unpleasant difference in frags, but the time factor was working for us. At the late stage, our pick looked more convincible, than the opponent’s one.

The twenty-third minute of the match was a turning point in the game — HellRaisers managed to kill three opponents and to destroy the second tower at the upper line. «Imperials» were losing one hero after another, and elusive «Slark» continued to entertain viewers of the match. The game gradually approached fortieth minute – in this stage the pick of Team Empire dealt worse to «full-packed» players of HR.



Great game of ARTES in right time allowed HellRaisers to cling to a victory and to make a hard comeback, which gave the first point on Dota Pit League tournament. However, it was too early for relaxation — the second map was ahead.

Second map: «The Empire Strikes Back»



The fight on the second map went in crazy tension. Pick of Team Empire was adjusted for «team-fights», nobody would survive in case of proper performance there. For a very long time the game was quite equal and the situation seriously heated. To pleasure of players and fans of HR — Team Empire poorly managed to play team-fights, therefore they could not realize their strong side and that used HellRaisers. However, our team had no so much time – opponents immediately bought «Midases», and that did heroes, who deal a bunch of damage at the last stage of the fight – Void, OD, Weaver.

Once again, ARTES drew the attention – this time he played «Antimage». The purchase of Crimson Guard as a first item, seemed as a not justified wasting of gold, but Artyom proved the different. He increased the pace of HellRaisers and perfectly coped with his task.

After thirty-seven minutes of equal fight, Team Empire finally managed to organize the perfect attack on the Middle and then they totally destroyed HellRaisers. Awesome attack of «Empire» allowed them not only to take out all the heroes of our team, but also to destroy all the towers at the mid-line, exposing the barracks.

After the respawn of our players, Team Empire managed to hold a good «team-fight» and this time they destroyed all barracks at mid- and lower-line. Most of team in such situation often give up and surrender to the mercy of the winners, but HellRaisers did not give up and continued to do anything possible for victory.

With only one barrack in the rears, «raised from hell» excellently resisted to their opponents and could even do a «teamwipe», but it did not bring too much of advantage. Creeps were a serious headache for our team. With every minute, they were harder to control. Unfortunately, the throne did not cope with such tension and it was ruined to pieces.



So, HellRaisers proved them worthy in this match, which without any doubts was nice to watch. This battle had to bring some optimism and motivation not only for the team, but also for all our precious fans. Thank you for your support!