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HellRaisers answered the questions of their fans

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We remind you that our guys are now in France, where they play matches within ESWC 2014 tournament. Our report about it you can find here.

Right before the tournamnet, HellRaisers answered the most interesting questions, you have asked in comments to this post. Thanks for your activity! In the future we plan to repeat such an event.

goddam: Question to Kucher: Did you like the chocolate bar?  

 Kucher: Yep, an excellent Kazakh chocolate bar.

akash1: Kirill, as much your games I have seen, everywhere I noticed that you do not have a certain coordinator, everybody coordinates a little. Does it interfere with the overall discipline of the team in general and with the development of your game?

 ANGE1: I think it does. We will try to keep tight rein on our work and to correct all the defects before Dreamhack Winter.

Markeymer: Question to Kucher. I have noticed a recession in your individual skill, by what reason is this? May be you need to take a break of CS for some time?

 Kucher: It is not a recession, now I just have some new positions, I will learn them soon and will play the same as before.

adfury: Question to any player. What does your team logo mean?

 Kucher: It is evil demon!
 Dosia: Our team’s logo shows our mood, it is evil demon, who raised from hell.

DillyThaDogg: Questions to all: 1) Why Adren left? 2) Where can I download Dosia’s cfg? 3) What mouse ANGE1 has got? 4) What sensitivity parameter Kucher has? 5) Why Dosia does not cut his hair?

1)  Kucher: We decided to change something in our team + we needed AWP, that’s why Daur left.

2)  Dosia: Cfg of Dosia still can be downloaded only from Dosia’s flash drive. It will be later uploaded to hellraisers.pro website.

3)  ANGE1: Steelseries Kana v2;

4)  Kucher: 2.5 (400 DPI);

5)  Dosia: Because Dosia likes to be with long hair.

DillyThaDoggIn the match against CPH Wolves it seemed that some players are not equal to their positions and they can not show their maximum level of play. The only one, who plays steadily is Dosia and he doesn’t care on which position to stand at.

 ANGE1: We had 4 days-off before that game, due to LAN-finals of SLTV on Dota2 were going on in the same venue, therefore every player did not play at maximum then. Plus the fact that Cph Wolves – our competitors at ESWC, and we just could not play against them the way we are going to play against them at the championship. 

glaivelol: Why Kucher plays a role of a main player at the point?

 Kucher: Not on all the maps I play as a main player at the point, may be  on de_mirage only. It is team’s decision.

BuTaJIuK: Question to all players of HellRaisers. What are your monitor adjustments? I mean brightness and contrast, in the dark venues players are not clearly seen. P.S. Good luck in Paris!

 ANGE1: I would suggest to run CS:GO, to create a map with bots, put the bot at the darkest part of the map and adjust brightness and contrast until the bot is clearly seen. It should work.

alexdreamermusic: This could be addressed to all players! I think this question is very important for gamers-novices on CS:GO gaming discipline! The question: How can I adjust the correct sensitivity for myself? In order for me to be sure that I play with the correct sensitivity parameter.

 ANGE1: Try different values until you feel quite confident and start to kill. It is absolutely does not matter how fast your turn be, the most important that you need to feel comfortable and confidently in game, but not at DM, where you turn a lot, and not on AIM maps, where there is no need to turn at all.

z0om: Question to Marik: why do you stream so little now?

 Markeloff: I am going to do more in the future. In particular, I will stream again, when I would have more free time from team trainings.

starvoid: Questions to all players. Why do you have worthless T-side on de_inferno and de_mirage? Why are you not stable? Your win rate on de_inferno for this year is 16%…

 Kucher: I think that the main reason of that is a weak play in clutch-moments. We have the prepared rounds and not only the one, but in the decisive moment something goes wrong.

ety: When the HR organization will sell branded sweatshirts and tee-shirts?

 ValentiNich: In foreseeable future and quite soon.

Floozy: Question to all HR players. Why do you have so little prepared rounds, setups?

 Kucher: Because in modern world of counter-strike there are only few teams play by tactics. Now trends dictated by teams, which play without tactics. And we are try to play this way. But at the same time, we have some adjustments, sometimes we can not play without them.

modde: How did you prepare for ESWC? Fairly.

 ANGE1: We have prepared not so well. Due to Starladder tournament on Dota 2 we could not prepare appropriately. It is too hard to find an adequate training place for the whole team in Kiev, at that time we were in this city.

andre1_sl4m: Hi, Yegor. Before you became a great cybersportsman, did you have such a goal for yourself? If no, why then? You have come through many things, have you had such moments when you thought that «this is the end» and were ready to give up?

 Markeloff: I had only the one goal-dream for achievement – to become a world champion. Sometimes I lowered my hands, especially after defeats in tournaments, but for me to think that «this is the end» – never.

artm1-: Kirill, do you think that you have a map, which being played by not many teams and which could be considered as your trump? If not, do you plan to practice something new?

 ANGE1: At present moment, we do not have such a trump. But we have four maps instead, where we play pretty well and can defeat any team there, depending on pistol rounds and clutches. Our favorite ones – cache and overpass.

k4sper_ace: Whether you are going to communicate with fans more, to stream, hold contests, make videos of some daily life or from tournaments, like Na`Vi do, because it is very interesting to watch your favorite team.

 ANGE1: Yep, we are going to communicate more with our fans and to make videos.

Uspect: Question for the whole team. Which place do you expect to take at Paris LANs?

 ANGE1: We are going to get into the top-3 as a result in Paris. It is important for us not to be the third in the group).

xex_sasha_xex: Guys, how did you lose to PENTA?

 ANGE1: I think that guys play well online due to their confidence and sometimes even self-confident actions, that we did not expect. They won by hard work. It seems that on LAN they will not take even five from anyone.

Cataclysm_Cyber: When the roster of Astana Dragons formed, why did not you decide to take FOX? Why ANGE1 so rarely active in social networks?

 Kucher: At that moment he decided to leave cybersports, finding an appropriate job for himself.

 ANGE1: Now I am trying to concentrate on the game of our team, personal skill and my family, but in the nearest time I will try to correct all this.

Originalfattie: What do you think is the biggest problem of your team? I cheer for you, though I am from Sweden. Good luck in forthcoming tournaments!

 Markeloff: Our team has lots of problems. Some of them are: lacking of tactics/strategies, misunderstanding between players at some gaming moments, using of some wrong tactics, when everybody plays not on his usual positions etc. We know well our weaknesses and are trying to correct them. It will take some time. Thanks for your support!

Damus: What do you think, whether a novice player able to get success without many years of experience? I have come to CS:GO from another FPS-game and want to show good results, but I feel like defeated in advance, because many players at Pro-scene have a 5-10 years of playing experience.

 Markeloff: Now it is very possible, in case you have a good Internet connection, computer and motivation. But the way to Pro-scene will take one year at least. It also depends on your contacts and your friends in the “top”.

zeekster: I am very interesting to know how were you trying to find a way out of the situation with your results going down? How did you managed to raise your motivation? If you can not find your mistakes, watch Torin’s video about them. Will we see any progress at ESWC?

 Dosia: The opinion of Torin is quite interesting, but in some moments he is right at 100%. We are currently working on our weaker sides. It pleases us that people can criticize so constructively. Community would benefit if it would be more such people as Torin.

notspecial: Hi, I am a big fan of HR from Brazil. I would like to ask you, what is the role of Vladisla in HellRaisers? Besides, what do you expect from the match against KaBuM e-Sports?

 Markeloff: Vlada is our manager. We are always ready to play against Fallen&Co. Though we have not seen any of their games, we will not underestimate them and any team on this tournament.

wormik: Can you describe your usual bootcamping day? Or how do you prepare for LAN-tournaments? How much do you play CS, when there is no tournament going on?

 ANGE1: Usually we gather at our training base – Kiev Cybersport Arena, have lunch, warm up for about an hour and begin a team training. Ending of it is about 23:00-00:00. After it, we play a bit Dota2 or going home, discussing the past day and then we go to sleep.

Thanks for your activity! In the future we will try to repeat such an event.

Cheer for HellRaisers!