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Preview of HellRaisers’ group at ESWC 2014

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This weekend, HellRaisers will attend a huge tournament – Electronic Sports World Cup. It will be held in Paris, and all the detailed information about it you can find in the report on our website.

Today we will consider in detail all of the opponents of our guys. We will analyze who is capable to surprise us on this championship, will compare a gaming shape of all competitors of our group to conditions of our team and will make final conclusions.

HellRaisers by the will of fate got into the subgroup C. Only two of six teams, which are in this group will get into the play-off. HellRaisers is not convenient opponent for any team, therefore HR can provide the struggle even to the favorites of the tournament.

Group С
  Ninjas in Pyjamas
  Copenhagen Wolves


According to the tradition, established in the past year, the main applicant for a title is one of the French teams. In 2013 ESWC presented us a French final and the sensational champion: that time triumph was celebrated by not famous Clan-Mystik team (VeryGames were defeated then in the final).

French qualifications for ESWC finished yesterday and Titan team got into the Group C. During the tournament, these guys overplayed LDLC twice and called into question their rank of top-1 France, obtained by those at SLTV LAN-finals. Titan are the favorites of the group and there several reasons for that statement. First, the venue is at their advantage, because the tournament will be held in their homeland, here they have an unconditional fan majority. Besides, Titan have gained a good gaming shape lately, have attended several LAN-tournaments, unlike their competitors in the group, who have played online only against top teams last months.
Moreover, together with us in the group are Swedes – Ninjas in Pyjamas. The last LAN where they performed at, ended for them as a triumph plus one hundred thousand dollars prize-winning – «Ninjas» became victors of ESL One Cologne. But after this major event, the Scandinavians went for a quite long recession, which still lasts. GeT_RighT&Co failed the qualifications for LAN-finals of ESEA, FACEIT and Fragbite Masters 3, they refused to participate in SLTV StarSeries. Generally, these guys are hungry for victories, therefore they like berserkers – they can be easy to break them down, but they can bite you painfully to death. Specialists consider «Ninjas» as main applicants for getting out of the group from the second place, but who knows better than HellRaisers how to overcome this team. Our guys in particular, being still in the roster of Virtus.pro, first have found a key to the game of «vikings», interrupting their victorious series of 87 wins in a row on LAN-tournaments. After that victory ANGE1&Co many times have made Swedes upset and the last meeting between these two teams was about a month ago: within a group stage of FACEIT League, HellRaisers won 16:12 on de_mirage.
We do not have to write off the young Danish five – Copenhagen Wolves. Recently, roster of «Wolves» seriously changed: karrigan left and after that, the average age of the second by strength Danish team even decreased – 18,6 y.o. The youngest team player – Kjaerbye considered as a most perspective aimers of Denmark. Cph Wolves have played with many top-teams of the planet online. We can not say, that those matches were so successful: Danes lost to NiP, fnatic, LDLC, Titan, but they were stronger than HellRaisers in the match of lower grid at Fragbite Masters 3 and that gives them status of a difficult team. In his interview for our website s1mple said that in the match against them last time with limited set of tactics, «by shooting». The tournament will show how dangerous are Copenhagen Wolves.
In addition, there are two more «dark horses» in the group C. At French qualifiers it was possible to watch games of the Platinum team. This team by some lucky combination of circumstances got a quota for the final tournament. The Algerian team E4US could not make to Paris and organizers have given their spot to the bronze medalist of ESWC France. It is unlikely that Platinum have enough strength to get into the next stage of the tournament, but to take some points from two-three teams they are surely capable.
But the Brazilians from KaBuM – are the real «pig in a poke». ESWC 2014 – is the first European LAN-tournament for this five. Earlier most of these players showed themselves in different rosters at international championships on CS:GO and especially CS 1.6, but they could not achieve a visible success. They are able to overplay anyone in this group, but, most likely, they will be powerless against a team from Europe.

HellRaisers’ matches within ESWC 2014 start on Friday morning. More detailed schedule and all necessary information about this event is available in our report.


Cheer for HR!